Different is integrated with all social media sites.

Different authors,
scholars, and researchers have deduced numerous meaning of Supply Chain
Management. It is for this reason that a business can employ any method that
suits its growth and development. My local flower shop operates within the
scope of supply chain management that creates a link among, planning, sourcing,
making, delivery, and returns. The link not only creates a flow between the
links, but it ensures there is constant financial and information flow to
assist in the growth and development of the enterprise.


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            The business aims to establish a long-term relationship
with the local farmers.
First, I will ensure to earn their trust by listening to their concerns and
genuinely communicating with them. In addition, I will provide to include them
in all changes the shop makes in regards to quality and quantity supply.


            Complexity is not an issue since the shop works under
domestic market needs; thus,
I produce, package, test, estimation delivery schedules of the products.
I will work with local
flower artists who have mastered the art of employin rayon, silk, and cotton as
flower petals to advance the business; thus a diversity of natural and
artificial flower manufacture.


The shop will ensure an enhanced
distribution network by employing delivery services. The distribution will be
done by employees using the shop’s minivan, and at time the use of motorcycles
in case the package is not bulky.


            Logistics apply when it comes to distribution of the
flowers. Majorly, I will
implement technology by creating a website order and delivery system. Besides,
the shop will have its mobile phone application that is integrated with all
social media sites.


shop will focus on creating a healthy environment through gifts advertisements.
I will focus on the local shoppers, and free flower gifts with the stores address
and phone number to market my brand.