Discuss the implications of an ageing population

Discuss the implications of an ageing population The ageing population is the people ages 65+. There could be Implications If that population group begins to live longer/ has a bigger ratio to the rest of the population which is becoming more popular In Medic’s. There are many reasons why a population needs a variety of ages.Firstly, a high ageing population; which Is the dependent population along with the youthful population, could result In not enough resources, because there aren’t enough working people to provide services such as health and education, and there would also be be a higher demand on supplies, cause the older generation won’t be able to provide for themselves and Increased government spending on health care for them.There would also be economical impacts because if people are living longer, there will be relatively more people claiming pension benefits, which would result in higher taxes, and will place a higher burden on the current, shrinking working population. However, the retirement age could increase throughout the years, and the UK has now planned to increase it to 67. A lower working population could also mean a decrease in birth rate.

This could encourage stage 5 in the DIM, and result in natural increase.On the short term effect, this would save the government money because young people require education and pay little, if any, taxes, but on the long term effect, the population structure would have an indent and throughout time, the working class would be even lower than the previous generation, and then the government would have to consider options like migration encouragement. On the other hand, there would be a change in sectors within the economy. An increase in the numbers of retired people will create a bigger market for goods and services linked to older people (e. G.

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Retirement homes).