Discussion Question

Depending on where we are and what is happening, each of us can be outgoing, shy, aggressive, reindeer, depressed, frightened, or excited. Understanding these emotions will help us control or manipulate settings to our advantage and sometimes disadvantage. For example, understanding what makes you upset will aid In helping that you do not lose your patience very often, whereas not knowing what make you upset will cause you to have an anger blowout inappropriately.

I tend to be the life of the part at work, therefore every time people walk by my cube they have to smile and say hello or make a humorous comment to et me off When I am not in the office and on the road almost the entire office knows I am gone as they see me like the jouster.

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The only downside to this is that when am not feeling very funny, I have to be since it is expected of me. Honestly I don’t think people would know what to do with me if I wasn’t laughing and joking around ( Are individuals born with personality, or do personalities develop over time? Explain your answer. I believe personalities develop over time. A big part of personality is the ay parents raise their children and how it affects the kind of adults the children become.

And, of course, the emotions we experience are often a reaction to the events we encounter. Speaking for myself I know that a big part of my personality is the way I was brought up. My mother always wanted me to be happy and laugh as much as I could. She always tried her best to keep me engaged with deferent activities that I enjoyed, in turn that would always keep me a happy child, hence I am the way I am today – one of those happy go luck people with many problems just like everybody else!