Dishonest but effective person

Can you keep dishonest person but who is efficient in your organization? Dishonest but efficient Is a very big matter of organization. In this question my answer Is one’s I will but with some circumstance” I am going to clarify my answer. Most deflations of workplace honesty speak about “refraining from lying”, “upholding high ethical standards” and “high levels of Integrity’. What this means In practice Is difficult to define.

Every situation is different. A person who is completely honest about everything may not be an effective worker or a good team player.And the other hand, sometimes person who is dishonest can be effective worker or employee and efficient for organization.

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He can be a good team leader, planner, controller and out of expectation. Someone said me that “it is hard to protect yourself from a lie. ” And this is true. Here is some advantages and disadvantages of keeping dishonest but efficient person In the organization. Advantages: 1 . Efficient people Is always effective for organization.

They support the policy of organization and Increase the way of targeted profit. They know how to Implement the plan and how to organize. 3.

Manage people and customers with their words. 4. They can help to work and profit if we carefully handle them 5. They are souse of task related support 6.

Increase productivity Disadvantages: 1. Lack of trust so lack of giving responsibility 2. They are not always take for granted 3. Anything ,anytime cane be happen 4. Management and organization conflict can be occur There are some steps which can help us to deal with dishonest but efficient people in the organization. Deterrents the impact it has on you: By assessing the impact it has on you, and the implication of whatever dishonest behavior you experience, you are able to evaluate the extent to which tangible and intangible damage has been done. Sometimes it is quite minor, only causing you to be dissatisfied with someone, and other times there is real negative impact, like reputation damage or even financial loss.

Then you can make him understand with your impact and plan with him. Always check and cross check about his work and make him know that you always heck his work.For that he will be careful his work and thought, Take immediate action against his bad deeds. Mirror.

When we feel wronged it is easy to fixate on the problem and get emotionally attached to the issue. Assessing the impact, confronting the behavior, and then taking action can help you to move ahead, knowing that you did what you could to appropriately address the situation. If you’ve been wronged, the injury always smarts, but don’t let someone else keep you angry. So if you need then keep those type of person but always be alert .