Do back then men did not really feel

Do you like
to be able to be able to be anything and anybody you like to be? A doctor,
lawyer, veterinarian anything in the world? If you were a woman between 1848 to
1929 you could not be anything except a homemaker. Which is boring but do not get
me wrong if you still want to you can nowadays. 
But, records show that ”The vast majority of young people — about 80%
of women and 70% of men across all races, classes, and family backgrounds —
desire an egalitarian marriage in which both partners share breadwinning,
housekeeping, and child rearing”. According to The data that came from
Kathleen Gerson’s fabulous 2010 book, The Unfinished Revolution.

In 2018, you
can be and do whatever you want as a woman or a colored woman, which is an amazing
accomplishment. Let us not forget it was not always the case though. As I said
in the beginning in 1848 woman did not have any rights especially if you were a
woman of color. Which is crazy women can do anything a man can do if they put
their mind to it. However, back then men did not really feel the same as some
men do today. Men believed woman in should not be able to vote because they believed
that woman were less intelligent in making political decisions.

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Women were
still sticking up for what they believed in and their self. Even though whites
and colored women did not get along, they were sharing one thing in common
fighting for their rights to be women and be free at the same time.  The first national suffrage organizations were
established in 1869 when two competing organizations were formed, one led by
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the other by Lucy Stone.  The word suffrage came from Latin suffrage
meaning ”vote”. I thought that was a cool fact to share.

The first
woman I want to talk about is one that everyone should know Suzan b Anthony.  She was born February 15, 1820 in addition
she was raised as a Quakers they believe in everyone rights even colored though
out her years she fought for women and colored people she was a real MVP.  Sojourner Truth was an African-American
abolitionist and women’s rights activist. Truth was born into slavery in but
escaped with her infant daughter to freedom in 1826.

 Lucy stone was born in 1818 and she was a
pioneering woman who was a rights activist she stood up and said she didn’t want
to change her last name after getting married in 1855 which was definitely not allowed.
She was also anti-slavery and was a travel lecturer. In 1817 stone and her husband
began to publish the weekly feminist newspaper, called ”the women’s journal”.
She died in 1893 27 years before she was able to see her dreams come true.

Lastly is
IDA B Wells she was born in 1862 she is African-American and is best known for
crusading journalist and being an anti-lynching activist. Wells wrote for the city’s
black newspaper her writings exposed the inequalities and injustices that were
so common in the Jim Crow south. Like the lack of educational and economic
opportunity and the segregation of African- Americans. In March 1913, wells was
able to join the suffrage parade. She continued to fight for everyone’s rights until
she died in 1931.

In closure I
talked about these four amazing woman so I can show how by doing little or big does
not matter you can still change the world. Also no matter what race you are
either. So keep believing in woman’s rights because they are important because
as woman we are important.