Do with an elegant white an was painted

you ever feel, alone or trapped? That’s exactly how I feel. Everyday, as I walk
to my classes everyone looks at me. I get called names, picked on, tortured and
pushed. I can feel them staring. It’s like swords stabbing at you or a mirror
breaking on you. How do I deal with it? I don’t. I can’t. Cassidy Williams the
most popular girl at our school, the queen bee as most films say, the Regina
George. Of course, she isn’t that
mean. When you do, it gets worse. It’s like, when you push a boulder up a hill,
you know what happens, it falls. It’s just like the saying, “When you’re at the
bottom the only way is up.” What’s wrong with that is, you will come tumbling
down like Jack and Jill.

            My name is Luna Lockwood, in 7th
grade at Arcadia High. I have no siblings and my parents are always at work. I
don’t usually hang out with my friends and I usually sketch drawings in the

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            “Miss. Lockwood, would you care to
explain why you are separated from the class and not examining the Declaration
of Independence?” Mrs. Raine asked as I walked over to the old equipment from
World War 2.

             I looked back. In the background was a
beautiful painting. I lost track of what she was saying. We were in a large
building containing some of the world’s most breathtaking relics. I quickly ran
towards the class and joined them.

            “Miss. Lockwood. I will not warn you
again are you going to come and join the class, or will I have top decrease
your mark?” Mrs. Raine patiently asked.

            We were at capitol of Washington D.C
to study the Declaration of Independence. The building was enormous, it was so
extravagant and large and absolutely magnificent. The walls were painted with
an elegant white an was painted so nicely. There were gold accents on the walls
and small statues circling the building.

            “Okay, everybody, did you all get
enough information and pictures? If not, you can use the books and the
internet.” Mrs. Raine explained loudly.

            Everyone nodded. We left the
building. I was so happy I went on the trip, I absolutely loved examining old
relics, so far, Cassidy hasn’t bothered me, so I’m okay. We entered the old and
smelly yellow bus and started our journey back to school. I saw the beautiful
museum that I loved so much, disappear into the distance. I was at the very
front of the bus. The seats were grey, the bus was loud and there were
backpacks everywhere. At the back was Cassidy and her friends Jonah, Kimber,
Raven and Jaycee. Those were the most popular kids in my class. They were also
the rudest, snobbiest kids in the world! Raven, Jaycee were so mean, but
Cassidy was the worst. The bus driver looked so nice. He looked around thirty
to forty years old. Of course, nothing is better than being in giant, smelly
bus with twenty-nine other students singing and off-key to the latest Justin Bieber and Eminem. Mrs. Raine was absolutely furious, I swear in like two
seconds her head would blow-up into over a million pieces.

            “All students! Make sure you get all
of your belongings! We will shortly be at school, and I will not be calling the
bus driver to drop off forgotten belongings!” Mrs. Raine shouted to us.

            “Sure Mrs. Raine.” I said rolling my

            I think Mrs. Raine caught me because
she kept staring and screamed at me.

            “Miss. Lockwood, I suggest you stop
rolling your before they get stuck back there!” she snapped back.

            “She’s probably looking at her
walnut-sized brain! You know what else? A T-Rex’s brain is the same size, they
are also both ugly looking and over a million years old!” she added.

            “She probably doesn’t even have one!”
Jaycee added.

            “Shut your mouths! If you weren’t
asked to speak, keep them shut!” Mrs. Raine sneered back.Everyone
at school picked on Luna, she didn’t know why. She never did anything or
compete with anyone. She was always quiet.

The bus ride ended. We were
finally at school and we all slowly walked. The field and blacktop were empty,
no one was there, and it was very quiet. You could see the big windows and tall
walls of the school. The walls were beige with small stripes on the corners.
There were large pillars as support to hold the roof over front of the two
secondary entrances in the yard. We went through the back doors and went back
to class. Our classroom was extremely large and had many whiteboards
everywhere. The walls were with one window facing the garden. The garden had
many green and healthy plants surrounding statues and benches with many wild
lilacs, roses and magnificent sunflowers.

As I walked inside, I set my bag
down on the back desk with my textbooks and notebook. Cassidy sashayed past by
me and said hi.