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In your own words, describe the term – copyright: Making sure something of your creation cannot be stolen and/or copied In any way. 2. The Copyright Designs and Patents Act was introduced in 1 988 to protect the investment of time, money and effort of people who create original pieces of work. 3. Provide examples of original work which would be covered under this Act Non CIT CIT Designer clothing Games Shoes Software re Paintings Hardware Food brandsProgrammer 4. Give three examples that people might do to break this Act l) Copying a DVD or music CD and giving It to someone else or selling It to others ii) Copying software I”) Copying text from website and using it in your work or posting in onto your website and pretending it is your own work.

5. What are the effects on the software and music Industry when people break copyright law and make copies of things they shouldn’t? The companies suffer, as they do not gain any income from their idea. As a result 6. Fill in the boxes in the table below;Type of license Description of license Example of who might use this type of license Single user license Software can be used on one PC for as long as you like. But it is only allowed to be used on one PC at a time People at home Multi user license This allows a certain number of users e. G.

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15 to use the software at any one time. When they log off the machine, another 15 can use it. However, if they allow the software to be used by 16 people at the same time then they are breaking the terms of the license. Schools Site licenseAllows everyone in the organization to use the software at the same time.

It can be loaded onto every machine and people can use it whenever they want. Sometimes the license allows the software to be loaded onto laptops or home computers Companies 7. In the box below the scenario, write your opinion about it – is it right or wrong, what might happen next? John pays to Join a web site where he can get essays and course work. He downloads some course work and passes it off as his own. Wrong, he has plagiarisms another persons work, and claimed it as his own to save time,