Domestic Violence in Africa

To persuade my audience to be aware of the prevalence of domestic violence against women In Africa. Thesis: Even though some countries In Africa have taken steps to address the Issue of domestic violence against women, more needs to be done.

Organizational Pattern: Monroe Motivated Sequence l. Attention Getter- I am a young woman from Ghana, a country in the west of Africa. I am privileged to be the daughter of a women’s and human rights advocate.Therefore, I am confident enough to say that I have first-hand information about eases of abuse from victims who seek for help from my mother’s organization. Her organization deals with abused women and children in Ghana. Even though I have never been a victim of violence, I know a lot of girls and women who have faced all sorts of violence from the work my mother does. My mother encourages us, my siblings and me to Interact with her clients day In and day out.

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I one day hope to branch Into the field of women’s empowerment, In the hope of encouraging women to stand up for their rights just like my mother.I will go on to tell the of a girl I know. In 2009, I made friends with a girl named Celesta. She came to my house crying one Sunday afternoon. She said she found her way to the house after hearing about my mother’s organization. Her story was that, she was raped by her uncle with whom she lived with.

My mother counseled her and comforted her till she stopped crying. A room in the back house was prepared for her to sleep. It is not advisable for my mother to tell us about the story of the victim but it was okay for the victim to share her story with whoever. That night, I went to keep her company for a while.She gun by saying that she was taken up by her uncle when her mother died and her father abandoned her. Celestial told me about how her uncle used to beat her up and fondle her each and every time he got back from work. He would put his hand In her private part till she bled and so on and then rape her. She said she was afraid to tell her aunt, the wife of her uncle so she run away only to come and find refuge In my mothers organization.

Celestial was just a year older than me so we bonded very easily. She was sent to my mother’s shelter based in the Eastern region of Ghana here she furthered her education and got a hold of her life.II. Need: Indeed we can commend the good works being done by some advocates and organizations in helping to combat domestic violence against women in Africa.

For instance, a three year action plan was taken up in 2010 by the Ovarian aimed at reducing violence against women and girls (Ford, 2012). According to Think Africa Press (2012), L. Taylor also approves of such good works done in Nigeria by asserting that some organizations Like Women Empowerment and Legal Ad (WELL) has held seminars which are geared towards encouraging the use and Implementation of the ewe law on domestic violence as of 2012.She gives credit to the mass media on creating public awareness through films and music videos which portray the are being made which is geared towards the reduction and elimination of domestic violence against women. Transition: Nonetheless, besides all the good works done and still in progress to address domestic violence as a social issue, more needs to be done. Ill.

Satisfaction: Most importantly, people should stop viewing domestic violence as part of life, which is culture and tradition. In doing this, they make it sound and look aroma. When this happens we tend to ignore the effects it has on the victim and the society as a whole.According to the article An Elephant in the House (2005), ” it is particularly difficult to respond effectively to this violence because many women accept such violence as ‘normal”. When we take this from the level we have placed it and report these cases of violence, it will go a long way in reducing its prevalence. Also, laws and policies should be implemented to check domestic violence. Even though evidence shows that many African countries have tried to make laws to rotate people especially women against domestic violence, most of these laws have failed.

Legal laws should be enacted to protect the rights of women. According to Domestic Violence in the African Context (2008), “Rights theories of domestic violence see abuse as resulting from a failure to recognize the individual human rights of women”. Additionally, people should be educated on the effects of domestic violence on both the victim and the perpetrator. The media should be a means of education.

In doing this, movies should be made which address the issues of monistic violence in different settings and the consequences it may have on the victim.All these themes can be the basis of music videos and radio commercials also. This will be a good way to create awareness. Non-governmental organizations (Nags) should hold conferences and programs for the general public as a means of educating them. So to mention, if more of these organizations are set up in the various African countries to deal with abused women in the society, our women will know where to run to in case of trouble. The police should create specialized units which focus mainly on domestic violence.

Finally, victims of domestic violence should be protected and given medical assistance to make sure they are recovering both physically and psychologically. With protection, the victims should be protected from the perpetrators of the violence so that it is not repeated. If not, the worse can happen after the perpetrators find out that the victims have gone to report the abuse and they have a chance to be arrested or punished.

With medical assistance, any victim of domestic violence should be counseled continuously to make sure they have recovered from the abuse.Also, physical treatment should be administered to the cacti. Visualization: Another story from Nairobi, Kenya according to ARIN news (2005) is told of a woman named Rachel who was walking from the bus stop to her home when she was attacked by four armed robbers who raped her in turns and even as a gang. She said, “One man grabbed me and showed me a large knife. He said if I screamed, Then three of them left me with the one who had grabbed me first. He kept me there for two hours and continued rapping me. ” She continues to talk about the after effect of the rape on her stating that she had constant memory blackouts.

She also had the ear of being stigmatize by her family members if they found out that she had been raped. If people like you and me come together to realize the taunting effects of domestic violence in Africa and the world at large, the overwhelming statistics according to IIRC news (2014), 1 in 3 women globally will experience violence during her lifetime, often in the hands of an intimate partner. Nonetheless, the issue of equality will be addressed when we treat each other fairly and the world would be a safer and better place for all especially women.Transition: There should be a way to bring restoration to a broken world where lenience against women exists. So to mention, there should be an increased awareness of the dangers associated with domestic violence against women in Africa.

V. Call to action An African woman once asked, “Why does Africa have such high cases of domestic violence against women? What is being done about the high prevalence of domestic violence against women here? Are women going to be constantly degraded in our society? ” Women should not keep quiet when abused. Voices of women should be heard concerning domestic violence.If you or someone you know has been abused or is offering from abuse, encourage the person to voice out. As for African women like me, we need people like you to devote your time and voice to continue talking about the dangers associated with domestic violence.