Doni Family by enlarging the size of the

Doni Tondo is one of the most well-known artworks that was created byMichelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. It was created from 1504 to 1506.This art piece is meaningful and valuable since it’s the only finished panelpainting that created by Michelangelo in the history.

The artistic valuesbehind Doni Tondo are prominent aswell; the piece’s enormous size, color, and the contour line are carefullyapplied in this prestigious artwork, which depicts the characteristics of the HolyFamily.First ofall, Michelangelo shows the joyfulness and importance of the Holy Family byenlarging the size of the subject. In DoniTondo, Mary, Jesus, and Joseph are taking up the major and the most prominent spaces in this panel painting.We can distinctly see that Marry is sitting on the grass and there is a book onher skirt.

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Behind Mary, Joseph is sitting with his powerful leg and he is holdingJesus carefully. Under Joseph protection, Jesus is joyfully climbing down fromMary’s strong arm. Mary is putting down her book to catch Jesus. From thoseinteractions in the Holy Family, audiences may feel the tight relationship ofthe Holy Family because both Mary and Jesus pay full attention to Jesus. Becauseof its enormous size of main characters, audiences can easily focus on the maincharacters and pay more attention to understand the purpose of Doni Tondo.In addition,the wisely use of color helps to create a prominent image of the Holy Family. In Doni Tondo, Michelangelo used the mostvibrant color, such as pink, white and orange, in the center of image tohighlight the main characters, the Holy Family. by painting the lighter shadesand darker shadow on the top of DoniTondo, the background seems out of focus.

As a result, because of the greatuse of color and shades, the audiences will put their attention on the detailsof Holy Family instead of the five nude people. Besides showing the prominentimage of Holy Family, Michelangelo brings out distinct characteristics andmeanings of the Holy Family through colors. For instance, Michelangelo appliedpink and white in Mary’s garments. It may not only represent Mary’s puritybecause white not only represents holy and clean in Christian, but also reflectsher virginity. For another example, the excellent use on shadow and brightcolor make Joseph’s pants stereoscopic and muscular, which makes Joseph lookstrong. As a result, it helps Joseph to creates a sense of security in the HolyFamily.

Therefore, Michelangelo successfully creates the outstanding and meaningfulDoni Tondo with his fantastic chose of color. Lastly,contour line has played a significant role in showing the importance of theHoly Family in this artwork. In DoniTondo, there are not only Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, but also fives nudestanding behind the main characters. Since there are too many characters inthis artwork, Michelangelo draws a wall to separate the foreground andbackground. As a result, when others are looking at Doni Tondo, they will first pay attention to the foregroundcharacters instead of the five nude behind them. The wisely use of contour lineclarifies and makes it straightforward for others to distinguish who are themost important characters in the paintings, the Holy Family.In conclusion, the piece’s enormous size, color, andthe contour line truly make this panel painting classic. Through enlargingmajor character size, it directs audiences to enjoy and understand the spiritsof the Holy Family.

With wisely chose on colors, it may not only show differentcharacteristic on the Holy Family, but also makes the Holy Family outstanding. Lastly,through muscular contour lines, audiences are able to better understand theimportance of the Holy Family. Hence, with these techniques, Michelangelo successfullyshows the ideal Christian family and its faith through Doni Tondo.