Draft English

It was a cool crisp evening as I strolled down the dusty path to the newly built barn. As I neared the well to lit barn I could see the horses beginning to dance around and whining loudly as they could hear my worn boots hitting the pathway. I was so excited to see them in their new stalls they were to see me. I entered the barn and began speaking to each horse and calling them by name. I was here for a special horse that had captured by tough heart. As I approached the bay colored, long legged gelding with a white diamond straight down his face my heart began to beat loudly.

His name is Wolfe and I believe he heard my heart as he instantly began to nod frantically up and down. Slowly entering Wolf’s stall, I gently place the black leather halter on his head he immediately began to quiet down, as did the rest of the horses. They all realized that Wolfe was the chosen one. We walked to the rear of the barn, where the tack room was located. Earlier that day I had purchased the perfect saddle and head gear for Wolfe. A black leather barrel saddle trimmed with silver rivets. The head gear was black leather with silver rivets as well.

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During my lunch reek all the horses were bathed and combed, paying special attention to Wolfe. After suiting Wolfe up I stood back and smiled at what a beautiful creature he was. Nothing had stolen my heart like this horse had done. As I stared at him my knees became weak and butterflies in my stomach. On this cool crisp evening I knew It was my time to shine. As I placed my worn boots in the fresh leather stirrup I pulled myself to the top of the saddle. It was a perfect fit and I felt like I had found my heaven. Exiting the barn Wolfe Immediately saw all the lights. His ears went up and he began to snort.

My heart was pounding and the adrenaline was over powering. This was OUR big moment. We walked eagerly to the arena and only minutes went by before our number was called. Wolfe approached the gate eagerly and as soon as I let the reins free he was at a full stride. Dust was flying, lights were a blur, people were screaming and I was having the time of my life. Wolfe leaned Into the first barrel, then the second, around the third and like lightning through the gate. It was the best moment and what a RUSH. You see Wolfe Is the fastest barrel horse In the conference. What a ride!