Dreams for My Future

I’m an ordinary girl and I’ve a dream.

My dream is to become a businessman, a good child of my parents. Is there anyone who lives without dreaming? Of course, we all have dreams. Some people dream of having a better life.

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Some people dream to have their fortunes. Some people dream of being famous. Everyone thinks of their dream beautifully. But that dream will come true or not. Who set, the future is something we can not know in advance, But we can determine and choose our own path whatever we want in the future. I believe we are all born to have an ambition.

Each person has a different goal. Now, there are many jobs and careers that we can choose. Some dream of to be a doctor, a programmer, a veterinarian,etc. We all have the right to dream.

Originally, my dream was to become a Business Executive. When I was in grade 10. I started thinking of being a dontist.

I went to special classes to prepare myself. As I was not good at school. I realized that It didn’t belong to me, then I stopped. Since we know the capabilities of ourselves, which are not enough.

We cannot go through it. What comes loaded with benefits that tempt, make people greedy, craving and selfish. Social is deteriorated by various problems. When the time passed until now, I’m in grade 12 and I could decide and answer myself what I really want to be and what the right for me is.

My goal is to build a business (Restaurants, sales of exports) or Extension products (Bags, Accessories) While I was studying, I was very hesitant about choosing a university. Now, I can decide to study at Stamford university. I will study Business Administration, Finance and Banking. I think that what I have decided.

It really suits me. What makes me confident is that I love numbers and I want to have a great future. I know my own ability even there is not much but it’s exactly the way I walk. Currently I’m a secondary 6 student so that I have to prepare myself for my ideal university.