Drivers ED Module

Drinking and Driving Part 1 – Identify the Issue There are several factors that might influence teenagers to drink. It could be because of parental Influence, or a common sight within their neighborhoods. However, more often than not, It has to do with peer pressure. Underage drinking Is problematic, needless to say. It affects the drives vision and reaction times which often leads to crashes and in most cases- deaths. 1% of drivers from the ages of 15 to 20 lost heir lives after drinking and driving in the year 2008 (NATHAN, Traffic Safety Facts, Young Drivers, 2008).

According to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MAD) organization, “Drunk driving costs the United States $1 32 billion a year. ” Annually, about 4,700 lose their lives to drunk teenagers behind the wheel (NATHAN, Traffic safety Facts, 201 1). MAD Is one of the organizations working to solve the issue.

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They hold walks nations-wide to raise awareness of teens and drunk driving and its potential risks.They have volunteer opportunities for people who are interested in helping spread the word. On their website, you are encouraged to take a pledge against drunk driving. Another organization working on the drinking and driving issue is AAA.

They have a “DUD Justice Link: A Resource to Help Reduce Drunken Driving” website. It explains the problem facing drunk drivers and stresses the consequences. They have worked with many traffic safety departments to “distribute alcohol-awareness literature”. AAA also hosts annual “Mikhail Mix-off Contests”.They show people how to make nonalcoholic drinks as alternatives to alcoholic cocktails”. Part 2 – Solutions for the Issue In my opinion, we are not prompted in school about the dangers of driving under the Influence. They should hold assemblies dedicated to informing students of the dangers and how to avoid them. Also, (looking a bit Into the future of automobiles here), cars should have a lock system that only allows the car to move once you’ve taken a sort of breath test and it syncs to the car, confirming that you are sober.

That way, only alcohol and drug-free people will be able to drive the car.However, in the meantime, before they invent smart car-bots, I can help reduce the risks myself by not drinking or taking any sort of drugs (even over the counter ones) before getting behind the wheel of a car. Knowing risks can help prevent fatal accidents.

I can spread the word by talking to my friends about the Issues with alcohol. Perhaps I could even speak to the assembly planners at my school about having a small awareness-raising session for the school. Works Cited AAA. “Community Outreach. ” AAA DUD Justice Link Community Outreach Comments.