Driving School

It is the mission of N+D to provide affordable yet effective ADS that provides students with the knowledge *skills to develop students into safe drivers while in a safe environment, Resources cars (equipped with dual control and pedals) teachers business Relationship government relationship Insurance company relationship Offering: affordable but high quality service DemographicAverage age- 28 years ? 9 below Australian Average Income – $748 Blue Card Economic Change: Economical cost Petrol cost Political/Legal: Blue card Teachers need Necessary training Car ergo Technological aspect: Safety aspects- high safety rating Age of car Natural-environment Fuel efficiency Market Analysis Market Definition Start at Towing 1 OFF Strengths -cheaper than opposition -working in a “younger” suburb -RACE alliance -limited start up risk -can be done online Weaknesses -new business with no reputation built (in a reputation driven market) very small business -costs fluctuate (petrol, loans etc) -in a public transport favored community Opportunities -opportunity for growth throughout Brisbane -ability to merge -can expand online sales -venture capital -provide services that are unique to our business (egg. Keys to drive concept) Threats -new and competitive businesses -existing competitive businesses -liability issues (egg.Car accidents) -global economy -increasing costs -threat of being non-profitable Target Market Selection and Position strategy Our potential customers tend to be within the 16-25 age bracket but we cater for any one with a learners, probation or open license. Customers Want- -affordable yet effective driving lessons -(low costs, good results) -convenient location Need- a safe and comfortable environment -properly trained instructors (accredited) Behavior attitudes and loyalty -people go through word of mouth -reputable organizations -family loyalty Objectives -create a profit (within the first 12 months) – have long term customers (repeating customers)