Drug & Delinquency

Some of those Juvenile has been identify into their motivation for those younger illicit their addiction, also those research said that they have some evidence about those young people, who make them own decision to use drug, I believe that the base on the appraisal can be very rational process, I think hat the possible reaction is to find those drug substance before get in the hand of those younger, even they would find it on everywhere, for instants; {Boys et al. 2000 a: Winemaker and price, 2000}.Also their function for use is to increase self- confidence. I believe that the majority of those young had use at least one time those kind of drug, I think that those used were using those drug to feel relax, they used to be available on intoxicated their self, also they will used to keep them self-wake in the night, while they be socializing with other, also they try to enhance them an activates to alleviate their depressed feeling, also those research found how to differ by the age and gender.

I think that The main reason for those young people use drug are relate to be acceptable by the society, also they suffer for stress, or because they have been abuse, problem in home, like parent who get divorce ext.. Those issues can transform those Juvenile In delinquency and loss control on their own self… How does drug use relate to delinquency? The empirical research on the connection between drug use and delinquency has been surprisingly devoid for those studies that examined their possible common antecedents of the drug and delinquency, according to the common cause model.Both drug use and delinquency may be the effect of an underlying their conditions also some factor, whether biological, personal, or social, may lead an adolescent to use drugs and to engage Into delinquent acts. I also think that when those young people may see other person on the act by committing some crime or take any kind of drugs.

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They may go along with those bad Influences In order to feel good and forget about everything arrow them. Reference: The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 1 53{4}, 369-383Childhood Aggression, Adolescent Delinquency, and Drug Use: A Longitudinal Study Judith S. Brook Department of Psychiatry New York Medical College Martin M. Whitman School of Social Work Columbia University Steven Finch Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics State University at Stony Brook. Health Education Research Theory & Practice Volvo. 16 no.

4 2001 pages 457-469 Understanding reasons for drug use amongst young people: a functional perspective Enable Boys, John Married, and John Strand, @Oxford University Press 2001 https:// WWW. Google Scholarly Journal Articles.