Drug war

War on drugs I agree that the drug war should be fought because many people across the globe are using these illegal drugs can lead them to abuse, addiction, serious health problems, and even death. It Is impossible to predict the effect that drugs can have on someone, especially if it’s the flirts time they try it and even if it’s a small amount or dose.

President Richard Nixon declared a “war on drugs” in 1971.The expectation then was that drug trafficking could be greatly reduced in a short time through federal policing and yet the war on drugs continues to this day, it’s been over thirty ears. It does not appear that a lot of progress has been made. Because there is no progress, the criminal Justice system Is filled with 1. 55 million non-violent offenders, and their drug use is marked as a behavior that is harmful to the society.This is outrageous, this is the reason why the war cannot be won because innocent people are arrested for taking these drugs Instead of the people who are making them and supplying them. New York Times Author, Dan Balladic quoted ” With less drugs, it allows the people and economy to grow in a positive direction. Less homelessness, penitence, crimes, and Jail sentencing would be the direct result of tougher drug policies.

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If we are serious about a war on drugs, then we have to subject them to regulations and controls that minimize as far as possible their ability to do harm. I think he Is absolutely right because with prevention comes It makes goals easier to tackle. People in favor of legalizing drugs argue that the only way to win the war is to legalese these drugs to reduce crime rates I think this is horrendous, if we legalese drugs such as cocaine, heroine and etc. Their concept behind Legalization Is an Idea o lower crime rates, controlling the potency of powerful drugs, as a result to eliminate trades with other countries.Drug related crime rates would be a contributing factor In lowering of crime rates, and It’s safe to say that those dealers would start selling to younger generations, and if they do sell it to the Younger, it will kill them because it is impossible predict the effect that drugs can have on someone. Everyone’s brain and body chemistry are deferent also people’s tolerance are different so some may be affected really badly. Every year it seems that there are ore countries where marijuana is legal.

A list of countries as includes Cambodia and North Korea where it Is legal.Other countries state that the drug Is still Illegal but it has been decentralized. Names of these countries include Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal. In the united States, it is illegal on the Federal level but many states have declared it to be legal on the state level, Including using It for medicinal purposes.

Drug distribution or trafficking laws penalize the selling, transportation, and illegal import of unlawful controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, iron and other Illegal drugs.For example Cocaine are shipped from Peru and other South American countries to the I-J. In my opinion if the government knew where these drugs are distributed then why don’t they stop it? Are they involved in the drug trafficking? I recently lost a family member who took drugs and became very Ill. Can imagine countless numbers of people losing their family because of these drugs, and I wish there Is a way to stop this war on drugs to prevent so horrendous amounts of end it, then we could create a better society.