After the viewing they are expected to evaluate the content and effectiveness of a complex spoken transaction.The spoken text that students’ present is for practical purposes and must be regained and structured.

In preparing and practicing their presentations students can either use the script they have developed in TAT Writing for Practical Purposes, or develop a new script based on another activity they have planned for their coaching clinics. Whichever script the students choose to use for the oral presentation, It must communicate complex instructions within 2 to 3 minutes to an audience of primary school aged children.The presentation must be filmed and the audio visual file submitted in a Winner along with this Workbook. Assessment criteria: The oral presentation requires that students communicate a set of complex instructions to an audience, respond to questions, and provide information to assist in the execution of the activity. Students may present to a group of primary school aged children at the coaching clinics or a small group of their peers. The presentation must be recorded using a device such as an Phone or android. Transaction The video file must be saved to a computer, compressed and submitted.

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Resources required: Students require the following resources: Laptop Internet access Access to a recording device egg ; phone/android Racy for Practical Purposes Communicating for practical purposes is something that is required in many everyday situations. From organizing a holiday to purchasing a phone plan, we are constantly forced to participate in communication that has a practical purposes. At SEED, students are working in environments that requires them to regularly communicate verbally for practical purposes.This assessment task is designed to develop your understanding and ability to become a more effective communicator through understanding the components of a spoken practical purpose text. The key features of spoken practical purpose texts: The information is simply expressed.

The key ideas are presented in a sequential manner. The meaning of technical terms and language is explained. Verbal markers or flags are used to emphasis that what is being said next is important. (Verbal markers can range from ” Now, this next step is a bit tricky’.

.. O a simple directive for attention egg: “Listen up”. ) The imperative verb form is used. Repetition of key information- this is done to ensure the critical aspects of an instruction are remembered and may include things being explained again in a lightly different form of language, or done through the use of little catch phrases like ” stop, listen, look”. The voice should be clear and the tone confident, knowledgeable and approachable.

Questioning of listeners to confirm their understanding of the instruction and/or invitation for the audience to ask questions.Instructions for the students: Oral Text Analysis 5. 1 Watch the following video in the resources folder on SO and complete the following set of questions 1 . What is the purpose of the two pilots communication to their passengers? The repose of the two pilots communicating to the passengers was to have a Joke because they were bored and wanted a laugh at the expense of passengers 2. Why is what the pilots communicate to their passengers Just wrong? A lot of humor is created by the fact that a situation is Just wrong.Why the pilots communications to the passenger is wrong is because it makes the passengers feel uneasy when really there is no problem. 3. What are the key things that the pilots advise the passengers to do? The key things the pilots advise is to put there seat belts on, move the luggage to the far side, stay calm, and grab life Jackets, EAI will now be served, extinguish cigarettes, press spill button, sit on some luggage .

4. Identify at least five instructions that could be legitimate in the event of an emergency on an airplane?Having the real alongside the ridiculous emphasizes the skit’s humor. 5 instructions that could be legitimate in the event of emergency are Stay in your seat, Return to your seat Don’t panic Leave luggage in handlers Brace for impact Tray tables in upright position 5. How do the pilots create a sense of urgency as they relate the procedural information? The pilots create a sense of urgency by giving information that was sort f reverse physiology then the passengers would panic and would be scared.

5. The importance of planning Most of your planning for this assessment task has been done in TAT but check the following: Senior Students The instructional text that you present and record must include difficulties to be avoided in the execution of the activity. Senior students should also be seen encouraging their audience to ask questions. 1. Insert the script you completed in TAT Bring the children into a group, k guys we are going to play line twiggy Does anyone know that game, no k well ill explain the rules. I will pick two people who are going to be the etageres they will get a yellow sash to show they are etageres.The other kids to follow the lines till the end, you are not allowed to Jump lines, etageres must also do the same.

Once you have been tagged you must link arms with the the person who tagged you and follow them around trying to tag as many people as possible. The game will finish when everyone is tagged and no one is left. I want to reiterate once you a tagged that you have to link arms, you can’t run separately. I will watch for people Jumping lines and if they get caught then they will stand with me on the deadlines. The etageres will start at the middle line.Everyone understand the rules, what color sash will the etageres have, are you allowed to Jump lines, what happens when you get tagged k you seem like you have got it, k go. 2. Practice your script Before delivery and recording of your instructions please ensure that you have practiced what you are going to say.

This will ensure that your recorded delivery is as good as it can be. 5. 3 Delivering Instructions Now that you have learnt about the key features of a spoken instructional text it is time for you to present your “Instructions” to a group.Your presentation should go for at least 2-3 minutes (intermediates) 2-4 minutes (Seniors) and incorporate all the qualities you have learnt about giving instructions. It must be recorded as either an MPH, AVIVA or MOVE file. This audiovisual file must be compressed using Windows Moviegoer and uploaded in a Winner along with this workbook. For advice on saving and compressing a video file and creating a Winner container click here: Before you submit your recording of the presentation you are required to complete an evaluation of your delivery.

Consider the following questions.First rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (Ten being the highest and one being the lowest). 1 . Is the information you are relaying to students easy to understand? 23456789 10 2.

Are the key instructions organized in a sequential manner? 3. Are the technical terms explained? 4. Are verbal markers used? 5. Is the imperative verb form used? 6. Is there any use of repetition? 7. Are the voices clear? Is the tone appropriate for the situation? 8.

How did you know that the students understood the instructions? Provided below. Write your response here. I thought it was okay, it was clear and I tried to make sure everyone understood