Due high quality system with ease of use

Due to the product proposed being a service two different steps are required to be undertaken in the marketing process, The first of these steps is to market the system to the owners of the car park infrastructure as a the service. Following on from this, the second step is to then market the system to the end users. Regardless of there being two different marketing outcomes there will still be some overlay between the two as both sets of customers will be wanting a high quality system with ease of use at the forefront of the service.

When being compared to other solutions for this problem the main marketing focus will be a combination of the ease of use of the service due to the user having fewer steps required in order to park as well as the flexible number of ways to pay, depending on personal preference. On top of these the futuristic aspects of the product that no other company offers, such as the ability to see how many spaces are available at a location and the ability to pay for parking on a mobile device meaning that the need for exact change is not required (But is still offered if preferred) act as extra incentive.The first step is to advertise to the infrastructure owners as once systems are in place the second phase can then be rolled out to advertise to individual drivers who will then go on to use the system which we will provide for free for the first two years of the service after which a subscription can be taken for continued advertising by the company.The main selling point for the system, to infrastructure managers, is that from the same space they previously held they can get higher profits due to the automatic nature of the system and by extension the fewer staff members required to patrol for people who may be parked without paying for use of the car park. While the system implementation costs will vary depending on the car park type it is felt that the benefits of the solution will outweigh the relatively high cost of entry especially once the advantages of the system begin to make a noticeable difference.When advertising to the public there are two distinct groups who are likely to use the park. The first is customers using the car park for one-off uses.

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These people who are only visiting the location for one day. Advertisement boards will be purchased within a 2 mile radius of the car park to advertise the new systems arrival. For these customers a couple of promotions are planned for initial implementation. The first gives the user a free hour if they download the app at the car park of their choice, enticing users to download the app and getting the app onto customer’s phones.

The second is more interesting and will require the inclusion of local shops. This implementation for this has yet to be discussed however the intention is that random customers who are shopping at local stores have the chance to win a code which entitles them to free parking at the car park of their choosing (assuming the system is installed) While this acts as another way to entice people to use the carpark it also means that the user is likely to return to the car park to use their free trip as well as spread word that they have won, meaning they spread word of the company. The second group likely to use the system are employees, these customers who will use the car park everyday are the easiest group to market to as end users of the system will be workers in the immediate area of the car park and as such large advertising boards will be erected around the area to ensure that anyone who has ever walked or driven past the car park will see the advertisement board. These customers will have the option to pay for the same space for long periods of time.

The first planned promotion for these customers will be a deal allowing for half price parking for 12 months if payed in full immediately. It is then expected that after the twelve months drivers are not likely to want to change their space after using it for so long and will continue to use the system. The second promotion will be for local businesses and will allow a half price month for users to test the system and see if they prefer it. Both promotions while causing a reduced income in the short term are expected to then create a good rapport with customers which will then allow the company to be seen favourably when the car parking ticketing is required to be re-bought.