During in 1914, tattoos were formerly perceived as

During the time of
the first world war in 1914, tattoos were formerly perceived as a sign of
freedom and often used for patriotic symbolism. Outside of religious or ancient
ceremonial trends the connection of the body with patriotic sentiments has, for
centuries, been a motivating factor in maintaining the art of tattoo among
warriors. Tattoos had connotation of adventure, excitement and courage as throughout
the on and off again popularity they were consistently worn by military men and
sailors. “When the world’s major powers were locked in combat, tattoos were
work as a mark of patriotism, as a talisman to bring good luck and to pay
homage to the loved ones many servicemen would never see again.”


Throughout history
you can see patterns forming surrounding body art. Much like the ancient
traditions, the art has been utilized mostly among warriors and had continued
to gain a considerable following amongst the Western culture. But, also
similarly to the discovery of tattoos to the Roman Empire, after the events of
World War II attitudes shifted in an extremely negative way. During the period after
the war when Nazi Leaders were put on trial for War crimes in Germany, there were
reports of concentration camp prisoners being forcibly inked with crude marking
and identification numbers which had a negative impact on the perception of the
artform. Tattoos and hate suddenly became intrinsically linked among the masses
and resulted in the cruel treatment of soldiers who had been released as prisoners
of war, found it difficult to rejoin society as they could not find work. Post-war,
the Pacific Ocean became less fueled with military activity and fewer men were going
to sea and spending their income on tattoos and many tattoo parlours in the west
were forced to close due to a lack of custom. There seemed to be a small spike in
the numbers in the number of sailors and soldiers getting patriotic ink during the
time of the Korean war in 1950 to 1953 though overall as numbers dwindled in the
army the demand for ink descended considerably. 

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