During situation also caused the people missed the

During The Return to
Nature the people wanted back to natural atmosphere. In this period there was many factories in the
city that made
a lot of pollution. This situation also caused the people missed the calm
atmosphere and clean air especially after the end of the long war. People in
city wanted to go and live in the village and enjoy the beautiful and natural
scenery. That’s why most of the literary works in this period was about
romanticism and nature. Lord Byron was one of the romanticism English poets
during The Return to Nature period. Besides he was a poet he also a peer,
politician, and prominent figure in the Romantic movement. His own style in
writing, his works, and his life were really interesting that made he became a very famous writer during The Return to
Nature period. (Edward Albert’s book)

Lord Byron was born in
London on January 22, 1788. He has his real name George Gordon Byron, but in
the course of his life he had known as Lord Byron. Byron got the title of
“Lord” because he inherited the land of his grandfather’s brother on
the edge of the sherwood forest when he was ten years old. His father was Captain
John “Mad Jack” Byron and his mother Catherine Gordon was the second wife of
his father. Byron’s father married his second wife because of her wealth.
Byron’s mother sold her land and title to pay the debts of her husband. Besides
being an English poet he also played a role in Yunani independence, although he
did not have balanced legs from birth. In 1823 he helped seize the Yunani
independence from Turki Utsmani by gathering soldiers, but before it could
invade he got fever and died on 19 of April 1824 when he was 36 years old.

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Lord Byron had two
major works that were
poetry and drama. His first poetry was a juvenile effort, Hours
of Idleness in 1807 (Edward Albert’s book). He also created his femous poems like
Don Juan, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, and She Walk in Beauty. The Don Juan poems
was tell about Don Juan was sexually precocious, having an affair with his
mother’s best friend, Donna Julia. Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage was published between
1812 and 1818. This poem describes the journey and reflection of a young man
who looks for disturbance in foreign land from exhaustion and disappointment
with a pleasant life and revelry. She Walk in Beauty was written in 1813 and
told about unnamed woman who really quite striking. (Wikipedia). Byron’s next work
was drama, one of his dramas was The Deformed Transformed in 1824. This drama
told about rejection of a child named Arnold by his parent because he is lame hunchback.

style was one of the factors that made he succeed in writing. His literary
works became popular in The Return to Nature period with his style. He used the
romatic style in his works. The situation of this period where the people
missed nature and wanted romanticism made his literary works became popular. (Edward
Albert’s book). In one of his works that titled “She Walk in Beauty”
using a romantic theme. He chose to make romanticism poems in accordance with
the situation of this period that people wanted a beauty regardless of the
beauty of nature and human beauty. He also had a notion of the “byronic
hero” that applied to his work that titled “Don Juan”. His poems
was about society and nature but he has the ability to combine the two elements
that made his poems became a beautiful work of art. His works was became famous
because he created the kind of work that the people liked and needed in this
period. (shmoop.com)

Lord Byron was one of
the greatest poets during The Return to Nature period. Although he had a big
problem in his life that was a defect in his legs since birth. He also had a
short age that just 36 years, but all of that did not hinder his success in
working. During his life he created various literary works that inspired many
other writers. He wrote some poetry such as Don Juan, Childe Harold’s
Pilgrimage that was published between 1812 and 1818, and She Walk in Beauty
that written in 1813. He also created some dramas like The Deformed Transformed
in 1824. His own style that made him became different with
other poet, included a notion of the “Byronic hero” that applied in his works.