During were sent out by the London Company

During 1607, the British colonization of America happened and it triggered some of history’s most significant events of all time. So exactly how do differing perspectives help us understand the British colonisation in America from 1607 to 1833? Thanks to perspective, we get to see both sides of the story to see just why some of these events were triggered and how much it effected on side compared to the other. Perspective also helps us consider the other side’s choices and helps us understand why they made those choices and whether it would have been good to make them or not.In 1606, King James the first approves of English colonies to colonise along the coast America just north off of the spanish colonization of America. The ships were sent out by the London Company in 1607 to sail into Chesapeake Bay. They called their settlement Jamestown in name of their king and their territory Virginia in name of their virgin queen. They nominated one of their soldiers named John Smith to be the leader of the community thanks to his skills in negotiating. But he was to be captured by the American tribes and was to be executed. It was then when Pocahontas who was the 13 year old daughter of the tribe leader stepped in between her father and Smith to spare his life and was acting as a source of information for the British. But the British were not fair or consistent leaders, every colony of theirs had a different purpose. But in 1775 the British got a taste of their own medicine when the American Revolution started. The American Revolution was a war between the British and the Americans for independence that started in 1775 and ended in 1783 on July the 4th, hence why the day is called “Independence day” because the Americans won the war against the British.  But the British were quite unorganized, the highest stage in British hierarchy was based on people living in rural areas instead of the bigger more urban cities. But Britain were in for a big shock, turns out that the Americans had been training prior to the war and Britain were not prepared for it, hence why when the war started, the British were overwhelmed with how much the Americans had planned for this war. But in 1783, the British had surrendered one of their armies after being overwhelmed by French armies who were allies with the Americans. This war was the result of the British’s poor leading skills.To the Americans, the British were unorganized and selfish leaders, they relied heavily on the Americans to do things for them without getting much reward for it . Some examples of this came when the British had an incident after colony leader John Smith left and a period called “Starving time” began. Starving time was a period the British would demand and keep all the resources like food and water when there was a drought. During this period the British would not leave their base because of fear to be attacked and killed by the Americans. The British also brought diseases to America. The British started to drink from unhealthy sources of water which led to epidemics and caused many to die from these diseases. Because the British were such harsh leaders, many fights between Jamestown and the Native American tribes were taken place over the course of ten years and over 800 British settlers were killed. That is when the Natives abandoned the fight and hoped that the English would pack up and leave. The conflict was resolved however when a small peace trade was made in 1632. But the British made a big mistake when they demanded the American colonies to pay a big war debt where the British would collect taxes from the Americans. The Americans then decided that they wanted to live their lives their own way and the British had been far away which gave them time to prepare their plan and to train for war. But the British were in a great advantage, before the American Revolution started, the British had prohibited guns and weapon manufacturers in the American colonies, so after it began the Americans had no source of weaponry. The American’s only source of weaponry was either from stealing from the British or importing them from other countries. The Americans then brought the French navy to fight for them resulting in the British to surrender in Yorktown.I think perspective helps us see both sides of the story. We think that the Americans were very hostile for retaliating against their leaders but in reality we have to look at a different picture, we have to look at a different angle to see why they made those choices. We are all really quick to assume something when we hear it when reality we should take a step back and ask ourselves why are they making those choices. It really depends on who the audience believes did the right things. Whether the reader thinks that the British did good deeds because of their tactics or whether the reader thinks that the Americans did good deeds because they fought for freedom and the right to make their own decisions. I quickly realised how much perspective means in this situation. When I started the research, I thought that the American revolution was a bad thing and that the Americans were over reacting. Then I got much deeper into the topic and discovered the reason why they started this war. I realised that the British were acting harsh towards their colonies and that people were just trying to stand up for themselves.  In conclusion we can see that the British colonization of America has led to many downfalls in British and American history. We can see this from the diseases from the bad choices that they made and the food demands that Britain put on the Americans who could not stand up for themselves. Britain has affected America in the modern day by making them go through all this tough work and now the Americans are one of the leading countries in the world. But there will always be differing perspectives and there is no fixed answer whether the British was good or bad or if the Americans were good or bad.