Each Man’s Son analysis

Mainsail is the one that help the child to realize his potential of life. He wanted the child because he can cover his loneliness and emptiness of his childhood. Mollies Job as a mother is wrapped up In the child. P. 145 ?+ Allendale realizes he can Influence the women If he wanted to. P. 150 He precedes that Alan Is what Mollie has all her life. He also realizes that he can manipulate her life If he wants to. But It’s a passing shadow of his outlook. He Just wants Alan. P. 220 -I Mollie asks for assistance from Margaret, she doesn’t know what to do.

When Alan is in the hospital, Mainsail has more involvement in Alan, and Mollie realizes it. P. 221 * Margarita’s Husband can manipulate Mollie, and therefore Margaret can also read her weaknesses and proceeds to encourage Mollie to accept Camber and go to France with him with Alan. P. 222 * Mollie accepts Margarita’s suggestion. Margaret has the grace to feel the shame for doing that. Both Margaret and Mainsail can manipulate someone. For both Mainsail and Margaret, the common is that they both can manipulate someone. Mainsail and Mollie have a common ethnic background.

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This common helps o account semi sexual attraction that Mainsail sometimes feels. P. 46 ?+ the weird semi sexual feeling that makes him wanting for his Wolfe body but Mollies eyes. Her eyes are familiar to him of his “own people” P. 205 Mollies eye reminds him of painful dividing difference between his background and his wife’s background. Her eyes also remind him of his mother. P. 45 *Margarita’s eye lack of smock and mystery, that absents of smock and mystery represents for Mainsail the differences in their ethnic background. Margaret herself is aware of this connection shared by Mainsail and Mollie.

P. 40 ?+ Different cultural background between Mainsail and Margaret. Mainsail have a poor background, Margaret on the other hand is rich. P. 40 – 41 ?+ the most difference is that there’s an estrangement between two ethnic backgrounds. Mainsail himself If quite clear that there’s a difference between their ethnic background that there’s a distance between their marriage. P. 74 ?Y the difference of ethnic background that deemed them. The Cells has ancient Identities that makes them poets, they are raced of dreamers and poets. The lowlanders made the Celtic people ashamed of living