Easier to Obtain than a Driver’s License

Divorce goes deeper than lack of commitment from both spouses or feminism In marriage. Landed, It has been an attitude and a perception where marriages are disposed in the same way one throws an old personal belonging.

Most couples are In the look for the fastest way to solve marriage problems. They hold the idea that, if their needs are not satisfied In the current relationship It Is easier to toss a spouse and move on In search of another spouse who will be In a position to satisfy their needs.This mentality held so dearly by most of the couples and supported by autistics has made me agree to the fact that getting a divorce is easier to obtain than a driver’s license nowadays. Body There are many causes of divorces and among the most common factors are; Infidelity, domestic violence, marriage at an early age, colonelcy’s status, premarital pregnancy,insecurity, unrealistic expectation,religious affiliation, inequality and a divorced family background among others.

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These being the factors that mainly cause divorce, I will be arguing my case with the above considerations, but, aligning my actionable In a psychological context.Problems not solved for a long period of time In a marriage lead people or make marriages end in divorce courts to nullify the marriage covenant. This is due to, the democratic stand of independence, and of which that independence we hold so closely to our hearts is a stumbling block towards humbling ourselves and enquiring for professional or any other kind of assistance. It has been a trend or a new acquired behavior by humanity to think that most problems are solved alone in the family context.

Is important that we put more effort to the problems confronting us then we can deal with the issues at hand,marriage problems included. What most people Ignore, is that, If one does not have the required skills to get through the problems confronting him or her It does not necessarily matter or is a big deal what effort the person puts. Victims of divorce forget that all that is needed is faith, humility and willingness to handle and admit to needing help from people who have been through divorce and marriage therapists.It has been a common feature by couples in most marriages,and this case;couples that have not undergone turmoil of divorce don’t know how to fight fairly.

They are of them. Beside the notion, fighting is always a trigger all hell breaking loose. This frustrates the couples since they did not expect criticism from someone they love. Most couples ignore that fighting is healthy in most relationships. This leaves couples offended, commence harboring resentment which in turn leads to withdrawal from posses, forgetting the fact that for a marriage to work there must be the willingness to fight, forgive and make-up.Conclusion In conclusion,it is my believe that if you are in a adulterous marriage or facing domestic violence you have enough reasons to seek a divorce. If you are not in either of the two, one needs to know before you indulge a marriage it is essential to have an idea of what he or she is getting into.

One needs to see the realized of marriage which is; for a successful marriage it takes more hardwood, commitment, perseverance among many other traits.