Eating together

Eating together is a traditional way practice by the people here in our country. It all started back since the Philippines was still under the Spanish regime. Since then on family values adapted and it include eating together. Seeing family eating meal together is a symbol of a happy and long lasting commitment to each other.

The first and foremost advantage with the family eating together is that it creates bond for the whole family it gave opportunity to the parents to have a a daily contacts to their hillier asking their children thing happen regarding schools and even activities outside school.Secondly,let always shows that the sense of belongingness and the importance of families is always there despite of the hectic schedule over to work. Nowadays, In modern generation both parents were now working to provide daily need for their children in terms of their primary necessities and of course to provide their children’s wants. Dinner is a perfect timing were everyone is complete and a perfect time to teach the children the right table etiquette and what the right way in hosing food to eat specially when in school.

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In addition, According to research eating meal together for tallest five times a week help youngster to stay away from vices such as smoking, drinking alcohol and even using addictive drugs. In my country, most people do eat together children wait to there parents to arrived before having there dinner. And me too in my family doing that as well. Len conclusion I believe that having meal together Is the most Important social activity every individual should practice.