History During the time of the newly born America, many disputed over the way the country should be ran. There were those who favored a federalist government and those who opposed it. George Clinton held a very strong position to why he was intermediaries ultimately believing that a weak central government would allow the voice of the people to be heard better while James Madison favored the federalist government because of the capability of equal representation.Although at first glance the positions these two have seem similar, there are very distinctive rationales to why hey had to separate opinions. Since paragraph one, George Clinton establishes that he is intermediaries.

He begins stating that those who consider the different situations within a society such as climate, economy, number of inhabitants, and moral beliefs can never find Justice, prosperity, and tranquilly In a republic government. George Clinton first says this In order to captivate the entire nations attention.He Includes all these reasons that are supposedly what a federalist government will achieve and after destroys them by saying that it is not possible to do this. George Clinton uses the example of Sparta stating, “Sparta continued with the same extent of territory after all its war. ” People understood that Sparta was a very successful city-state and uses that prior knowledge of the public to indirectly imply that Sprat’s success came from their ability to keep their city small in order to hear the opinions of the citizens.However, that really doesn’t adhere to the position that Clinton considered the opinion of the people but it does firstly create a sense that a smaller government can create greater success because of the ability that the people have of being heard. Secondly, Clinton uses an example of the south stating, “From the southern states, will these men be as tenacious of liberties and Interests of the more northern states? ” He describes that the needs of the southern states are different from the northern.In doing this, he shows that the opinions and necessities of the people are different depending are where they are situated.

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Since the south requires different things to prosper than the north, Clinton argued that a strong center government could not possibly listen to all he desired needs of the south and of the north. It would cause conflict between the states due to the incapability to favor the opinions of the south and the north conjointly. Following the publication of Silicon’s argument, James Madison publishes his own essay as to why a federalist government can create a prosperous America.

James claim can be found in his introduction where he describes the America constitution as an Improved model of ancient and modern government that can not be greatly glorified but has produced greater results than expected. Madison creates an example of the opinion of the minority by stating, “If a faction consists of less than a majority, relief is supplied by the republican principle. ” Often times the voice of the that the republican principle would allow a better chance of the minority faction (opinion) to be heard by giving equal representation.Because people have very distinctive faction, a republican form could allow a larger opportunity for smaller group of factions to be heard. Madison further continues his argument by stating, “A pure democracy admits a common passion of interest by a majority whole. Madison here is trying to prove a point that a direct democracy would only favor the opinions of the majority.

However, because the voice of the minority should be heard, it is in the best interest of the people to establish a republican principle in order to allow equality within society.Madison ultimately is trying to say that because the minority has an opinion they should be allowed to represent themselves in a way the gives the equality amongst the majority. Personally, I believe that Clinton view on government is a better option. I firmly live that because the opinion of all citizens is heard it creates a system of government adequate for the society.

Clinton quotes the famous Nonentities when he writes, “To a republic to have only small territory, otherwise it cannot long subsist. America was in a time of growth and happened to already be a fairly large country. To undermine the idea that Nonentities had would be without a doubt unbearably incompetent.

His reasoning is obvious that larger groups of people can’t create a sufficient republic. To this day, even though America has a strong central overspent, the people understood that Silicon’s views were accurate so every state has the ability to create laws depending on the needs of the people within the state.With two highly educated people describing their views on the eventual political future of America, one can truly see that both sides adequately defend their positions. Silicon’s view favored a smaller direct democracy in order to preserve the opinion of the people.

Madison view favored a larger republican principle in order to give equal voice between the minorities and majorities. Personally, Silicon’s view create a fair way of governing people.