Nigeria and Ivory Coast Restrict Flights from Countries Hit by Outbreak Nigeria and Ivory Coast restricted flights from Bola-infected countries, emphasizing fears of the virus in West Africa spreading globally by air travel. The move Bola Is frightening and also it is scary how far it may travel.

That is why hospitals from Hong Kong to New York to Cape Town are ready for whatever that comes through those emergency doors. Officials in Africa face a troublesome conclusion In deciding how toIncrease border controls without shutting off all the travels and trades. It’s hard to control the air travel because It can’t be completely shut down but It Is a risk to let others come from West Africa because of the threat of Bola traveling everywhere. The good thing is every country around Africa Is basically ready. For example, airports In Hong Kong, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines hospitalized feverish people and checked their blood for Bola, all of which came out negative.

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Bola has killed more than 961 people since the current outbreak and In addition It likely sickened 1,711 others. I chose this article because maintaining one’s health is very important now days. With the Bola outbreak people are being very cautious.

The really good part of this article is that a lot of hospital around the world are preparing themselves for anything and they are not taking any risks of having feverish travelers from West Africa to stay feverish and spread.I feel that this is a very big problem because the whole world is effected by this. Around three million people travel each day through air and it is hard to just stop air traveling. Also some trades and imports are through air travel and with less supplies people can die.

It is very brave for doctors and missionaries to go and help the sick and the soon to be sick because they might be infected by the virus but their mind is set on helping others.