ECE conducting assessments and evaluation of children in

ECE 410- Assessment andEvaluation In ECE Final Paper Assignment Among all the subjects I took thissemester, for me this is the most applicable in my future teacher life since itrefers to designing and conducting assessments and evaluation of children inthe preschool years. I learned many assessment techniques, their principles,components, and their advantages and disadvantages, so for this reason, Ilearned that those techniques are very helpful in considering which techniquesor components to avail. I also learned that a new perspective on how we applyassessments and evaluation since we assessment children every day, every time.Also, in how we can apply these assessments and evaluations in the preschoolarea, and in how teacher involve parents in the assessment process.

Theassessments not only show you the techniques that apply you want the evaluationthe children for certain reasons. Therefore, I am learning and I will learn inthe future throughout actual experiences and potential opportunities havedrawn, and will, a huge impact on personality, attitudes, values, and thelearning process itself. The activity presentation wasthe chance given us to show our understanding about the assessment techniquesand knowledge that we obtain in this course. Our aim was the show ourselveswith the Variety of assessment strategies were consistent with relatedactivities.

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The attention is given to utilize assessment techniques wereclearly understandable, explainable and open for the professor. We aim that ourassessment techniques should be appropriate regarding our purpose we wanted toget in the activity. We were discussed about choosingthe activity topic many times and we tried to write many activity plans untilthe last version of the activity topic. While planning the activity, our firstgoal was preparing the activity is attractive for the children. while we weremaking brainstorming about that, we also gave attention to plan it in a morecreative way because it also required that it should be integrated activity. webelieved that it should also enjoyable for the children.

We have planned tomake an activity math and science integrated play activity because according tous, play is the most enjoyable way to learn something for the children. Westarted to think about our already activity plan that we apply in ourpracticum. We thought that if we choose an activity that we have applied in thepracticum, it can increase the chance of the achievement of the goals andobjectives.

We selected one activity among our lots of plan that children lovedand enjoyed. One of my friend, mentioned about her activity plan that herchildren loved to much and enjoyed. We reorganized the activity plan and wewere ready to apply it in the classroom. Our main aim in the activity wasteaching the shapes. We tried to give shapes with the pattern game on the rope.

We split the children into two and wanted them to continue to the pattern isgiven by the teacher at the first. At the end of this main part of activity, wemade an assessment about the graphic and counting. Children were expected tocount their shapes on the rope and compare their numbers with the other groupsbecause we had a rule while making the pattern. If one child make mistake inselecting the correct shapes to continue to the pattern, the next child shouldcorrect it, s/he cannot add new shape. This rule could change the numbers ofshapes. We gave enough shapes to each group.

before the main part of theactivity, we planned the assessment and evaluation activity. we gave play doughand toothpicks to each child and wanted them to create something with thesematerials. the concept should be shapes but they can create any things with theshapes. As a teacher, I gave some suggestion in this part to the children to helpthem to think. I gave attention to not say to children; you will do bla blawith the shapes. I just tried to show some different ideas. In the beginning ofthe activity, we wanted to remind children what is shapes, where we can seethem, which shapes are in our classroom, what is the differences of the shapesand etc. According to my experience in the practicum, this is so helpful forboth teacher and children to remember the past topics they learned to be moreactive participant in the current activity.

for the evaluation of the day, Iasked some questions to children about the day and activity to assess what theylearned and how much of the teacher’s goals were successful. I can easily say that I enjoyedpracticing this activity in the class. Our volunteer friends who we invitedthem to the activity showed willingness in activity. it was so helpful toincrease our concentration and enhance our desire to continue the activity withmore enthusiasm.  We utilized assessmentstrategies which are documentation, rubric, teacher designed activity, and timesampling.

We thought that with these strategies we can assess and evaluatechildren enough in this activity. we took videos, pictures and took notes aboutthe unusual behavior or certain answers given to the teachers’ questions. Weplanned to put their videos and pictures into their portfolios. We also tooktheir pictures for the documentation, we aimed to show parents childrenprogress and process. My general opinion, we weresuccessful in applying the activity is creative, integrated and attractive forthe children.

our assessment strategies related with the activities and ourmethod to teacher shapes was also appropriate for children. I am waiting my timeto utilize these assessments to my students in the classroom.