Ecoli Hospital Outbreak

Good Health Hospital’s records and itemize recent monoclonal infections that occurred within the past year. In your report, categorize the different parameters (I.

E. , person, time, place, ethnicity, and gender) used in the compilation of data into the information assumptive. The Good Health Hospital records of 201 3 have indicated that was an E-Coli 0157:Huntington spread among the patients in the Tampa Bay area. ” The E coli can be ingested from contaminated foods and cause bloody diarrhea and create a form of kidney failure ( Fries, Sellers,2014)”.There was two males and two woman that were infected . The males were ages 15, and 23; the females were ages 21 and 42. The ethnicity of the females was African American and Caucasian; the males were both Mexican.

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The outbreak occurred on very hot summer day. Propose at least six (6) questions for the health care administrator at Good Health Hospital, regarding potential litigation Issues with Infections from the monoclonal diseases. Rationalize, in your report, the logic behind your six (6) questions.

The question that would occur during the litigation would be as followed. Did the employee’s use hand washing techniques or did they use gloves? *Was the kitchen area clean during the preparation of food? *Did the Vendor have refrigeration in the transporting vehicles? *Was the food left out In the kitchen In warm temperature? *Was the food packaged properly? *Was the expiration date, time, and temperature, examined by vendor and food service worker/double verified? It Is very Important that all employees that handle food should always practice hand washing techniques. According to the CDC, (2013 )hand washing should be used frequently; “such as when one use restrooms ND caring for sick people, after blowing your nose sneezing In your hand , and after handling pet foods etc; duration of the happy Birthday song being sing twice. ” Hands should always be washed with warm soap and water lathered well for at least 20 seconds and rinsed with water” _ Employees In food service should use sanitary precaution by using gloves; they are used to protect the germs from being spread from worker to food and other items (El, 2011).Training must be given to remind employee’s that wearing gloves do not replace hand washing, gloves can become as lithely as one hands and hand washing should always use along with changing gloves.

Kitchen area where food is prepare must be kept clean to prevent the spread of food borne pathogens that would cause one to get E- Cool or other food poisoning. A good example of an unclean prep area in the kitchen could be someone placing fresh chicken on the counter top to be cut without washing the area down with bleach before placing the chicken there.Someone could have come out of the bathroom and placed their dirty toothbrush that fell on the bathroom floor on the counter. The bathroom floor could have possibly had feces on it that is not visible.

It Is important to known If the vendor had a cooling system In the truck during the transportation; the ride could have a long drive not to mention the warm climate. The meat must stay at a reasonable temperature from one destination to another. When coos are Kept In warm temperature In warm cellmate teen nave teen tendency to spoil and when prepared and consume it will cause one to become very ill.Food should always be packaged promptly to sub stain the freshness and to protect it from microorganism that would attach to the food by being exposed it can very well cause one to become ill. An example is when a fly lands on piece of slice turkey that is prep for a sub sandwich. A fly can really get around in many dirty places such as dog feces , cow feces etc. And imagine them landing on the food that you are to consume, because it was not properly packaged causing you to become ill. It is important that the vendor pay close attention to expiration dates and time, it should also be checked by the hospital that is to purchase the food.

By paying close attention it could prevent someone from eating out expired food or food that was spoil from humid temperature. Identify a targeted audience within Good Health Hospital, and prepare an implementation plan based on your hypothetical meeting with the hospital health care administrator. Propose four (4) steps that will be useful in the final implementation plan. Four Steps that can be implemented to prevent the spread of e-coli from occurring in the future are as followed.

Steps . There will be poster boards enforcing proper hand washing when to use it and how to perform it.Steps. Demand vendors protocols Steps.

Mandatory training will be held on hand washing and cross contamination. Steps. Enforce that certain foods must be stored in temperature at least 41 degrees or below. This includes vendor’s delivery vehicles also. Suggest at least five (5) recommendations to your department head based on the steps taken in the implementation plan. Provide rationale for suggestions.

A. There should be training class available to help all staff in the food department learn about the importance of hand washing and behavior.The training would help take the employee back to basics. Believe it or not, if you ask some people who work in the food service how long person should wash their hand; they would look at you as though you’re speaking an unknown language. In the year 1998 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) performed a study to see how many food service workers were in compliance with the food codes. Most of the focus was on cross contamination, Improper holding time temperature, poor hygiene; which happen to be the cause of many foods borne illness (Roberts, 2008).A questionnaire was given to employees and managers to see what they knew to prevent food borne illness in the particular areas mention.

It was availed that the employees over all did not have adequate professional training prior to testing with Serve Safe. Serve Safe gave four hour training and a post testing was given; results showed that there was some improvement on hand washing. There could have been much better results if more emphasis was put on the behavior.

Training employees about their behavior toward their work performance would help tremendously (Roberts, 2008). B.Making sure that the kitchen area and prep area is clean at all times making sure cross contamination, microorganism, such as dirt and other food particles (Roberts, 2008). All surface counters must be wash completely and rinse off thoroughly to rid of chemicals such as bleach or other sanitation agents. Example: Many people know that we should clean the counter after cutting and cleaning chicken. How many of us know that we must clean the entire surrounding area including the inside of the sink even the dish rack, if it is on the counter winner you was cutting or cleaning.

Small particles can cause T Doreen illness. C.Making sure that the date on food have not expired will ensure the safety of consumers consumption of food [making sure food is double verified by vendor ND the person who receives the delivery. Small things like overlooking the date can lead food borne illness, that’s why it is important for the vendor to check when storing the goods. The vendor still may overlook some items that are why it should be double verified by the person at the dock receiving the goods. D. Cold food should be stored in temperature at least 41 degrees or below, according to the FDA guidelines.

Temperature guidelines must be enforced with the vendor.It is mandatory the all trucks have working refrigeration. E. The vendor must have a copy of protocol on hand at all times. Having a protocol will keep vendor inform of their duty do’s and don’t.

Using these approved recommendations, design a safety protocol literary that must be placed in public access areas of the hospital. As a safety protocol there will posters in restrooms, hall ways reminding everyone to wash their hands. Posters will also be place in patient rooms, and allover kitchen area. The kitchen area would have poster reminding workers to store food at correct temperature.Posters will be posted at loading dock reminding workers and vendors to double check expiration dates and temperatures. References Frits, R. H.

, & Sellers, T. (2014). Epidemiology for public health practice (5th De. ). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. L’, B.

(2011). Food Safety Training in Corrections. Corrections Forum, 20(4), 42-44. Www.

CDC. Gob/ [hand washing / when and how to wash your hands Riel, H. (1997). What you should know about them: Protective gloves. Evidences Director, 10(3), 210 Roberts, K. R. , Barrett, B. B.

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A. (2008). Food safety training and foddering employees’ knowledge and behavior.

E coli Out break information assumptive. The Good Health Hospital records of 2013 have indicated that was an E-Coli 01 57:Huntington spread among the patients in the Tampa Bay and create a form of kidney failure ( Frits, Sellers ,2014)”. There was two males and two woman Tanat were Indicate . I nee males were ages a 23; teen Tamales were ages regarding potential litigation issues with infections from the monoclonal diseases.

Out in the kitchen in warm temperature? Revive worker/double verified? It is very important that all employees that handle and caring for sick people, after blowing your nose sneezing in your hand , and after seconds and rinsed with water”. Employees in food service should use sanitary from worker to food and other items (L’, 2011). Training must be given to remind borne pathogens that would cause one to get E- Coli or other food poisoning. A good It is important to known if the vendor had a cooling system in the truck during the certain foods are kept in warm temperature in warm climate they have the tendency temperature.Intently a targeted announce Walton It OSP tall, Ana prepare counter where you was cutting or cleaning. Small particles can cause food borne TTS slung tense approved recommendations, eagles a estate protocol literary After reviewing an applicant’s application and resume usually those who seen to have experience or some sort of knowledge of the positions are normally the one that would be chosen to come in for an interview. The manager must arrange a time when the applicants can come in for the interview; the place that the manager choose must be somewhere private where there is no interference from others.It is very important that the manager on time where the interview is to take place to properly greet the applicant (Fallow, McConnell p.

163). Some applicants may seem to a little nervous during the beginning of an interview, it is k to ease the tension in the room, by starting the interview with small talk it usually make the applicant comfortable before Jumping right into essential part of the interview; such as asking questions relating to the applicants resume Using Jargon during an interview is not professional and should be avoided.The person conducted the interview should speak on a level where the applicant can understand; the language that is presented (Fallow, McConnell p. 164). It is best that the manager/interviewer avoid asking the applicant short answer and open-ended questions; examples could be questions such as, “Do you have a driver’s license? ” The best question to ask is the questions that lead a person to think about their answer and can be answered with more than one word or in one sentence (Fallow, McConnell p. 165).

Managers must maintain eye contact during an interview; avoid taking notes or writing while interviewing the applicant. Writing breaks the attention that should be given to the applicant you writing can be after the interview. Managers should never promise the applicants a position until everything as Eden chicken out Witt HER sun as criminal backgrounds, references, and even other applicants have been interview (Fallow, McConnell p. 166).

Mangers should always airframe from asking the following: What is your religion?Do you have any religious holidays? What are your nationality and your parents? Do you have a native language? Are you currently married, divorce or legally separated? Are you a home owner or do you rent? What type of discharge did you receive from the US military? How did you learn to read or write? Do you have children, if so what are their names? Are you planning to have children in the future if so how many? Do you belong to any organizations or clubs if so list the name? Have you at any given time had your wages garnished or attached?How tall are you and how much do weigh? Do your spouse work here or ever been employed here. What are your spouse feelings about you seeking employment here (Fallow, McConnell p. 172)? What is the condition of your health? Do you have any major medical problems? Have you or any family members ever treated for cancer, high blood pressure, epilepsy, heart disease, diabetes, carpal tunnel, Aids, Arthritis , dermatitis, drug or alcohol abuse , mental illness sand sexual transmitted diseases. Have you been hospitalized, if so for what?Are you taking any medication, if so for what condition? Are you currently employed due to a disability, if so what is the diagnosis? Will you require any time off due to medical reason, if so explain? Do you have any physical limitations? Do you have any physical impairment? Do you have any disable family members? Are you or have been a recipient of Workers’ Compensation Claim? Are you considered disable, if so how did you become disable? Will you require any time off due to you disability (Fallow, McConnell p.