Economic Crisis: Solutions

Solutions Global crisis is clearly felt nowadays, not only by third world countries but also by the richer and industrialized countries. Uprisings are recurring in different parts of the world by people vivo want change and a better life. Even in our country, the crisis is getting heavier each day. But then the real question is not the ‘What”, but more so, the “how. How do we really resolve this problem? It is not unknown to us that the Philippines is in fact a country rich in natural resources.Even if the worst comes, we can certainly sustain our living on our own. But What is happening now? Why are we poorer than we were before? One of the problems is our relationship with the country: united States of America.

They are currently exploiting both our natural and human resources. In addition to that, we are trying to bail them out from their economic crisis by paying our debt to them, in turn ignoring the needs of our own. The government now is trying to “lessen” our debt by paying them little by little.But then who is suffering? The people. Right now, the rich countries are continuously becoming richer, and the poor, poorer still. They are feeding off of us.

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The solution: cut our dependence to them. Some might that the US is the major source of investments in the country. But the effect is short term only. Once they pull out the capital that they invested, our economy would instantly run down the negative slope. So evidently, we can’t immediately cut our connection to them.

I say we start off small at first.For one, he government could redistribute the lands of the landlords to the farmers because small scale industries are much of a help in our economy. And also by doing this, we are not giving the control to our agricultural economy to few people only. Second, major companies in the country should be mainly owned by the Filipinos. It gives the people jobs, the country higher internal revenue and we prevent them from over-exploiting our cheap human resources.

Third, as a student and a scholar, academics should learn how to give back to our country.The youth and the intellectuals should be utilized in our own country, not abroad. We hue enough bright minds here in the Philippines to device plans and start companies that may be beneficial to our economy. We can undoubtedly stand on our own. It is just that we were born on a mindset that we can never be independent.

We can live without the help of the Limited States. There should be change, no matter how small it is. We should start on our own selves. A million small changes when combined can definitely make a large difference.