Economic Growth of Singapore

Economic Growth of Singapore (1980-1990) I may be a Filipino, but I’m not a kind of person who’s only loving for his/her nation. I’m a kind of person who loves my nation and respects my fellow nations. I’m a student of San Pablo City Science High School and I’m going to write an Informative essay about the economic growth of Singapore In the time frame of the years 1980-1990. Eve already been a tourists of Singapore. I’m 9 years old, the last time I vaulted It.And from what Eve seen, the Republic of Singapore really did a very good work upon evolving their economy. So let’s go In a time machine and travel back In time to know and see, how they achieve this kind of success In their economy.

Let’s just go back 34 years from now, that’ll be in the year 1980. At this year. Singapore economy takes a step forward.

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In 1980, they begun to upgrade to higher- technology industries, such as the wafer fabrication sector, in order to compete with its neighbors. A new airport was also opened in the year 1981, which was called theSingapore Changing Airport and Singapore airlines was developed, which was hoped to be a major airline and it did. This led to the growth of tourism in Singapore and social communication to other nations. Due to the increased tourism, tourism industries increased respectively.

The Port of Singapore also became one of the world’s busiest ports. When the Housing Development Board program started, t served homes to almost 80% of the population of the county. This program still exists today, constructing residential estates, tows, and apartments.

This program constructs higher-standard apartments and are served with better amenities. As of today, almost 90% of the entire population of Singapore lives in HOB apartments. Because of this, In the year 1987, the first Mass Rapid Transit (MR..) line began operation, connecting most of these estates and the city center.

Singapore political situation continued to be dominated by one party list, the PAP or People’s Action Party. This party won all parliamentary seats In every election between 1966 and 1981.The rules Is termed authoritarian by some satellites and opposition politicians who see the strict regulation of political and media satellites by the government as an Infringement on political rights. Singapore really did something between these years. They didn’t waste any time. Even though they’ve encountered problems on their economy, they act fast and resolves most of them.

They do this not only for the countries popularity but also for its citizens.