Editing makes a piece of writing perfect

It is often said that a piece of writing is not complete when you have added all that is important, rather it is complete when you have taken out all that is unnecessary. This one single phrase lays the foundation of the concept of editing in a piece of writing. Editing in general is a phenomenon that involves reviewing a written text, pointing out the errors and correcting each one of them.

Editing a text generally means to correct any grammatical mistakes, incorrect spellings, commonly confused words, poorly structured sentences, punctuations errors, contradictory ideas, wrong usage of tenses, inaccurate content, misleading information etc. Editing has a wide scope and almost every correction done to a piece of writing comes under its heading.

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The importance of getting a text edited cannot be stressed enough. Being a student, it is quite natural for you to make certain mistakes in your writing which may get overlooked. These mistakes can be due to negligence or lack of command on the language and its grammar. Nevertheless, a mistake is counted as one and results in a bad impression when your work is scrutinized. Also, when writing something, one does not really care for every minute detail and technicality of the language. The ideas are flowing and so is the pen. Hence, it is very likely to make errors that would not be noticeable to you and may even pass your eyes while revising, but may not do so when reviewed by someone more experienced in this regard. Even though your ideas may be intriguing and your thoughts provoking, slight technical problems can result in rejection of your hard work, may get you a poor grade which you may not deserve, and may even shatter your spirits and lower your morale.

Getting your work edited can avoid such problems. It is imperative for a student to get his or her work edited before submission so as to avoid any disappointment. Writing is something that will always be required from a student throughout the academic life, and beyond that as well. Getting into a reputable higher education institute requires you to submit an essay with your application which is judged and ranked. Perfection of that one single piece of writing cannot be stressed more, as your future depends on it. Taking a risk is the last thing that you would want, and hence the best option is to find someone experienced and well renowned to do the editing.

The need for editing does not just end with that one essay. It continues throughout the academic time span, when at different times, you would be required to submit written reports, articles, thesis, reviews etc as part of your curriculum and would be graded on the soundness and quality of your work. No matter how hard you work on it and no matter how well your research and content is, if it is not presented clearly and has errors, you would lose points. In fact, the hindrance to a good piece of writing is the poorly structured sentences and grammar mistakes, which send a negative impression to the instructor. This phenomenon is not hypothetical, and is very much a part of real, academic life.

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