Education is not a Cookie Cutter

Education is Not a Cookie Cutter One of the great minds of our family belongs to my grandfather and among his small pleasures in life is imparting his epiphanies to his grandchildren. In fact, one of the most memorable insights that he shared had convinced me to change my course in life. It happened during a boring afternoon, and he was sitting in his living room, probably browsing through a bunch of after-lunch melodramas that he could not tolerate to watch. When he saw me passed by the window, he beckoned me to approach him.

I sat beside him and he asked me what I wanted to do with my life. Back then, I have often expressed my lack of genuine delight to the course that I was taking, that it had began to bother him. There he told me, muff know what app, the purpose of education is to hone your skills on what you are really passionate about, because the best way to provide value to our society is to learn to become the best in what you love to do. ” From those lines, I was inspired to derive my own definition of education.I may not able to remember my grandfather’s words as vividly as I should, and that I may have lost the original beauty and impact of his wisdom, but the tricking realization that I have acquired from his words remained. Education has greater pursuits, it is not Just about understanding the world and everything around us, but most importantly its greatest aim is to discover and know ourselves better. My grandfather’s words made my doubts about Entrepreneurship stronger.

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What was the purpose of getting a degree, if I cannot imagine myself practicing it, and building a career from it five or ten years from now? Was I really educating myself if every step I take towards completing my course felt more like getting lost than being found? Education is a process of molding one’s individuality to fully establish his or her place in the society. After finishing my first degree in Entrepreneurship, I felt like a domestic animal that was suddenly thrashed in the wild to fend for myself. It was not as if I had not learn a thing from that four years of hard toiling.

I knew that I have acquired enough skills to get a decent Job and I believe that I made an effort to make sure that my resume would be designed to give emphasis to my ‘edge’ but it all came down to the simple truth that I am practicing an art where I know that I can never utilize my full potential. Just like what T. P Noun (1920) had conveyed in his book Education: Data and First Principle, “Education is the complete development of the individuality of the child so that he can make an original contribution to human life according to the best of his capacity. Hearing those words of advice from my grandfather felt like receiving his nod of approval. It was the go signal that I needed to finally pursue Journalism.

The clouds that used to hover above my head were finally cleared, and it gave me an idea of what it feels like to have the sky as your emit. Self-regard, according to T. P Noun is a vital concept that should be considered in education. It is a person’s consideration to one’s own interest.

It was stated in Education: Data and Principle that all the good things that enter into the human world are largely rooted from the free activities of individual men and women, and that educational practice must be shaped to accord with that truth. Self-regard is a leeway that allows a person to feel their value and to appreciate the idea of being responsible to their own destiny; it also gives them a clear grasp of what that redeem implies (Noun, 1920). I know that when I dared to thread this path to get second degree that it wasn’t going to be easy.I will have to defy the customary habit of immediately getting a Job after graduation and help provide for the family. I even had the bravado to enroll in the country’s most prestigious university. It seemed as if this time around, I’m really challenging myself to be all the things that I failed to become when I chickened out in pursuing my passion.

But like what I said about the significance of self-regard in education. I feel more compelled to work hard. I feel as if the stars are aligning to favor me.I feel prepared to accept all the sacrifices that this Journey will entail. From the number of years that I spend on being a student, I have come to realize that education is a process of becoming.

It is through acquiring knowledge that we learn how to discover ourselves. When we try new things, when we challenge ourselves on areas that are not in the field of our expertise we are playing a game of trial and error and with each attempt we uncover a different version of ourselves. It’s a lot like peeling yourself to bring out the core, which is your individuality.Once you have unearthed your passion you will know how much you are willing to give and how your contributions can become a valuable asset in the formation and completion of our society. From those experiences, we grow, albeit slowly, but at the end we accomplish to build our character, prepare ourselves for complete living and we come out of it with a sound mind in a sound body.