Effective Training Case Study

If a master woodworker takes on an apprentice, it is his/ ere responsibility to ensure training is understood. One of the rules of woodworking would be showing how to hold the sharp tool in order to prevent injuries. Safety measures are taught in cultures by the elders. Tasks are assigned to members of the society and traditions, beliefs, values, and rules are taught. Thus, the colonization of the culture has developed over years and continues through sharing of the cultural values. “Ethnography is the study of human cultures. [l] As with societal cultures, there exist occupational cultures. Workers in high-risk industries such as mining, commercial fishing, or oil and gas extraction do not generally define themselves by who they work for, but rather by what they MOSS had a “project that focused on developing effective safety and health training for the land based oil and gas (O & G) extraction and production industry, commonly known as the upstream portion of that industry (which includes exploration, drilling and all servicing operations for the wells themselves). [3] In order for NOSH to understand what the workers did, why they did it, how hey did their work, how they pass on their knowledge to new workers and the jargon of the industry, extensive research was indicated. This research was what the workers thought was extremely important in understanding their culture. NOSH needed the information in order to make an effective safety and health training video for the industry. The video needed to consist of a structured training format explaining safe operating behaviors that need to be followed.

Planning Was Adequate to Develop the Video NOSH had to learn the work culture of the workers. They visited many workmates and spent time discovering what was important to the workers. In their observations they found that the workers shared work stories. Some of the stories told of victories of the worker (hard jobs) that were accomplished. Other stories illustrated what not to do on the job. The extensive research was very adequate and helped NOSH develop an effective safety and health training video.