Effects of computer games to violation

Consistency In Implementing a student-centered environment to the best Interest of the student such as developing new learning skills. Students Development To develop an environment where the rights, freedoms, and responsibilities of students are cornerstones of all interactions. To carry out the action plan, integrate in all learning competencies the empowerment of students as a group and as an individual. Week 5 – 8, Students, Teachers, Parents, and Community Each group has an accomplished task and performed In accordance with each learning competencies. Individuals experienced self-growth appropriate to their age- ability level.

Faculty Development and Instructional Supervision To design appropriate In-service training for new ESP. teachers. To deal with the plan, conduct local In-service training among new teachers to be facilitated by competent head teachers. Week 1 -2, Teachers, Students, and School Heads New skills will be acquired and previous competencies will be enhanced.

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Physical Facilities Development To create a safe, caring, sharing, cooperating school environment. Orientation among cooperative school environment, how it is created, and what it will contribute to the realization of the conceptual framework of K to 12 curriculum.Week 3 – 4, Students, Teachers, Parents, School Heads, Schools and Community Empowering the school. Linkages To develop a list of important community values which will direct everyone’s action within the school environment. Includes/integrate local values in the school system and functions and encourage students in observing such values from the school to real world. Week 9-16, Students, Teachers, Parents, School Heads, Schools and Community Local Values instilled in students and used in decision and acting responsibly for everybody welfare.