Egypt them using the desert to their advantage,

is a very interesting place. It is very hot and dry place unlike North Carolina
.The only source of water is the Nile and the underground rivers that flow
through oases. They also used the very hot and full of death place called the
desert to their advantage.

 Their settlement destitution is far more
advanced than the things they had. They lived on the black land that was very
different than the red land or the desert. The black land was good for farming
.This is why they lived so far away from each other. They wanted to get all of
the good farming material. They also needed their own territories. Some of them
may have been far away, but some of them where close enough to trade. Like I
said earlier about them using the desert to their advantage, they used it to
protect themselves. There are many other things to their settlement
Distribution, but I do not know them

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were very smart and used their surroundings to their advantage with agriculture
and transportation. When the Egyptians used the Nile to go south they had to
fight the current wit sales and oars. On the on the hand when they go north
they could just relax, ride the current, have a cup of tea. Out of the 1
million people in Egypt 450, 00 of them where farmers, don’t worry about the
math I did it for you. Its 95% of their total population. The Egyptians have 3
seasons, unlike us. We have 4 seasons. There are many other things that have to
do with their agriculture and transportation

spiritual life is very interesting as well. They used immortal beings with
supernatural powers to explain the things they did not understand, like the sun
rising and setting. This was their most important god Ra. It was though that
only priests and pharos could contact the Gods. This leads me to my next point.
They though that every pharaoh was the war god Horis in human form. I could be
here all day talking about this spiritual life.

most precious thing the Nile is very important. The Nile gave them everything I
have mentioned in this essay before so far. It gave them water and fish. It
gave them everything. It’s the backbone of ancient Egypt. It still is without
it Egypt will fall apart.

conclusion ancient Egypt still a very interesting place. This essay was about
Egypt and its settlers and how the Egyptians lived in the blistering heat. That
is my essay on ancient Egypt.