Electrical designed for wiring the interior environments. It

Electricalcable tray system is used in place of open wire or electrical conduit systems toprovide insulated electric cables for the purposes of power distribution,control,and communication.

With cabletrays installed, we do not have to worry about pulling wires through the pipesin case of any changes in the wiring system, wires can simply be laid down inthe tray.EAE Elektricis one of the cable tray manufacturers where it is produced in”Roll Forming” method in automatic production lines. Standard channel size is3m, however, E-line UKS series can be manufactured upto 6 meters depending onthe required quantity of pre-galvanizedcable channels. The labor time spent to assemble the product is decreasedsignificantly due to fewer tools andbolts required.

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EAE electricalcable trays include the following series:-         E-line UKS Series: in this series cable trays aremanufactured as heavy duty sort, following the TSE and ISO 10143 standards.-         E-line UKF Series: in this series cable tray manufacturers customize the cable traysespecially keeping in mind the interior design of plants and building. It canmodify the load carrying capacity by shaping the iron sheets.-         E-line TKS Series: in this series, the cable tray system isdesigned for wiring the interior environments. It has a special lock systemwhich can easily mount the cover.-         E-line TLS Series: in this series the cables are designed tothrough the left, down, up and out of cage structure.-         E-line CT Series: these cables provide wiring installationsin factories or buildings with ahumidenvironment.-          EAE Elektricis one of the most prominent cabletray manufacturersin the field ofmanufacturingcable trays, surpassing the quality of theproduct by a huge margin as compared to other cable tray manufacturers.