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  Eliott1/24/2018CHI4U 02Dr. CarterThe Continuity and Changes that Distinguished Manifest Destiny    A goal that was always present in human history was to expand. One of the ways that the United States used to expand was by obtaining additional territories. Sometimes, however, acquiring new land can cause complication. The expansion could often impact the society, the economy, and the politics.

In the United States of America, the idea of Manifest Destiny was the belief in expanding westward created continuity and changes to its own Nation. In the United States of America between 1800-1850, there were many notable examples of how Manifest Destiny created continuity and changes in politics, society, and in the economy.      Politics have always been a critical factor in the evolution of the United States.

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A political problem was one that was faced by the natives living in the west of the country. Before the expansion, the west was home for thousands of Natives. After the Louisiana purchase, the United States created a policy to remove all the natives blocking the Americans from expanding. This plan was later known as the Removal Act.

One of the most significant changes in politics was the Monroe Doctrine policy. The policy was put in place by president James Monroe that stated that the United States had the right to the new world. Finally, Americans started to vote with a national perspective instead of their view of their states. Overall, these changes help the expansion of the country and gaining more power.

    Changes in American society was also affected between 1800-1850. In 1838 and 1839 the Cherokee nation was forced to leave their land which was located east of the Mississippi River because of Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal policy. On their way to they’re new land now known as Oklahoma, the Cherokee people called their Journey the “Trail of Tears,” due to its disastrous impact. The people of Cherokee confronted many challenges such as diseases, hunger, and exhaustion. More than 4,000 Cherokees died.

Since Manifest Destiny is the idea of expansion, Americans would be able to expand to the Cherokee’s land and find new places to live. Many Chinese immigrated to California because of the gold rush. Most Chinese immigrants were men and weren’t treated fairly by Americans. They faced discrimination, violence, and if they were miners, they had to a pay to start mining. Nearly 75,000 Mexicans lived in the Southwest of the United States after deciding to stay following the Mexican-American War which was ended by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Similar to Chinese immigrants they worked in harsh conditions. They had the worst-paying jobs under the worst working conditions. Due to the Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion, many Americans began to become patriotic. Farming continued to be an essential part of Americans throughout the expansion, but the way people farmed changed.

The eastern decided to farm dairy and fruits because they couldn’t keep up with the west. While all these changes were happening African-American were still property to people. Through Manifest Destiny, the society became more diverse, the way people farmed changed, and Slavery was still present.     Throughout Manifest Destiny, many changes and inventions were made which significantly affected the economy. One of these was the discovery of gold in California. On January 24, 1848, James W. Marshall discovered gold along the American River. In 1849, many gold seekers from around the world had come to search for gold to become wealthy.

Sacramento and San Francisco grew from small to big towns. Many roads churches and schools and other cities were built across California. Building new towns meant that new jobs are produced, which creates a healthy economy. Due to the fast-growing cities, a system and laws and government were formed, which lead California to become a free state. Secondly, the invention of Cotton did not only increase the economy in the south but also the economy of the of the north. The economy of the south depended on cotton production. The north received a significant amount of cotton for a minimal cost which made textile mills possible to use in the north.

The mills attracted immigrants from Europe since jobs became available. The cotton gin changed the economy of the north to an industrial based economy. The westward expansion created more farms, plantation, and jobs. The government became keen to continue to enlarge, to be able to build more farms and plantation which were critical attributes of the economy. All these factors started the continuity of an increasing economy in the United States of America and helped contribute to the belief of Manifest Destiny.     In conclusion, the expansion of the country gave it power and land which made it more successful than other significant empires at that time. Without some these changes, the state wouldn’t be what it is now. It is shown that the Manifest Destiny had many social, economic, and political impacts on the United States of America.

Many things remained the same such as slavery. All these results created one cause, the Manifest Destiny.