Emmitt till

There was once a time where alienation of certain races played a major role In the American society.

Those who were not white were considered a minority, less human. Blacks were euthanized, treated as property, and abused during that time period. In 1955, the death of Emmett Till, an African-American fourteen-year-old boy who was discriminated and wrongly Judged due to his color of skin, played a crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement.Resulting from his ability to be humorous, many say that Emmett Till Intended no harm by approaching the white woman who worked at the rockery store, but since racial conflicts clash, everything got out of hand and turned into a murder sentence for Innocent Till. Growing up, Emmett Till experienced a common life from what was usually expected in the ass’s. He lived in a middle-class black neighborhood on Chicago South side where he acquired many friends and went by the name of “Boob”.Apparently, Till lived a very unique, happy life, “Those who knew Till best described him as a responsible, funny, and infectiously high- spirited child” (The Biography Channel website). From what one can observe about Till’s personality, the situation was a misunderstanding, but due to his race, resulted in a poor child’s death.

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Emmett Till took a huge responsibility by taking care of his mother; he would help around the house because he knew that his mother worked hard to earn the life they lived together, without a man in the house, Louis Till.The Till family was a very “tied together” kind of family in which they enjoyed one another’s company. When Emmett Till’s great uncle went to visit him, he excited him with the Idea to go back to Mississippi with him to visit his family In the South.

Emmett Till’s personality was described as being a “jouster” by his close classmate, Richard Heard, “Emmett was a funny guy all the time. He had a suitcase of jokes that he liked to tell. He loved to make people laugh. He was a chubby kid; most of the guys were skinny, but he didn’t let that stand in his way” (Heard 39).Emmett Till took a trip to Money, Mississippi to visit his family members, but little did anyone know that he would not be returning. Emmett Till approached the cash register and made a remark that caused an Impact In his life.

At the time the racial conflict went to be loved by Roy Bryant and his half brother J. W. Mila, and It was said that, “They drove to a barn nearby and pistol whipped the boy while they continued to beat him as the men debated on what to do with him next” (Chandler 1).Till was abducted by a pair of resentful white men who brutally beat innocent Till, and then shot him in order to end his life. The two men found an easy way out and after ending a poor child’s life they decided to throw his swollen body Into the Tallahatchie River. Three days after the horrible murder, they found the body of Emmett Till, but at first it could not be identified of how harshly he was beaten.

The two men were found and trialed because the Governor, Hugh L. White sent a notice to the NAACP to do a full investigation on the crime. Although all evidence pointed to Bryant and Mila killing Emmett, a grand Jury in November of that year neglected to indict the pair in the kidnapping of the boy, although they all but admitted their wrongdoing in an Interview under the protection of double Jeopardy” (Anderson 6). The Injustice of the the damage that Emmett Till’s face reflected was something the public needed to see in order to understand the wrong that had happen and no one had helped do anything about it. Emmett Till’s mom wanted to hold an open casket for everyone to view the injustice in the situation.The brutal murder of Emmett Till was a wakeup call for a lot of people because it ignited the passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1957. After this case was brought to attention everything started coming together and beginning to make changes in the world.

It helped open Americans’ eyes to the racial hatred plaguing of the country. In addition, it helped spark a massive protest movement for racial equality and Justice, “People really didn’t know that things this Orrville could take place,” (Miami 12).The fact that a horrible action, such as the brutal murder of a child, makes a difference and aids in making people realize the truth.