Empathy for A killer

In Search of Empathy For a Murderer Is it possible to have sympathy for murderers? In both The Most Dangerous Game and Open Season, sociopaths hunt and kill humans for sheer entertainment and plea sure. Though the antagonists In both stories are clearly sociopaths, a close look at their pa SST clearly allows the reader some sympathy towards the killers in Open Season. General Carrot, the hunter In The Most Dangerous Game, lures sailors off their ship racked boats with gracious hospitality, and then turns on them and hunts them as I they were animals.

Though he may have been ignored by his father as a child, he at I east had a parent. While it was unfortunate that the only positive feedback he received FRR mom his father was when they hunted animals together, Carrot had never been taught to hunt humans. It was Carrot who made the leap from hunting animals to hunting humans, a despicable leap at that. There’s no room for sympathy for such a character. On the other hand, Paul and Johnny Multiform, the hunters In Open Season, had been taught to hunt humans.Orphans, Paul and Johnny were raised by their uncle, who to k Joy in hunting, and they were taught to kill almost anything. Including humans, from the t me they could walk.

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Their uncle supposedly passed down this “family business,” killing human s. They had not been taught right from wrong, so killing humans seemed to them an acceptable part of life. This difference in upbringing allows the reader some room for sympathy towards the brothers, but not for General Carrot