Empty city strategy

Empty City Strategy During three kingdoms period, Gauge Liana lost strategic Jetting due to the misuse of Ma J’. SIAM Y attacked western city of Gauge Liana with a large army when the situation is favorable. At that time, there is no general beside Gauge Liana but only a group of civil officials and 2500 soldiers in the city. All the people were pale with fear when heard the news. Mounting the tower and looking carefully, Gauge Liana said to them: please don’t be panic. I can make SIAM Y retreat by using ideas. So Gauge Liana let soldiers hide all the flags and stand still.

Also, Gauge Liana called the soldiers to open four gates, each gate looked by 20 soldiers who were disguised as people look, watering and sweeping the street. Gauge Liana, putting on crane cloak and to wearing high light, sat on the tower and played the harp, with two little servant sanding by. Vanguard of SIAM Y arrived at the city and didn’t dare to go into the city when seeing the momentum.

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So they returned to the city quickly and reported the situation to SIAM Y’. After hearing that, SIAM Y said with smile: how was it possible? Then, he rode his own horse to see what happened.Not far from the city, he exactly saw Gauge Liana sitting on the tower and playing the harp. To his left, there is a nunnery holding the sword; to his right, there is also a page boy holding a horsetail whisk. Inside and outside the gate, there are more than 20 people bowing to sweep, self-assured and supercilious. SIAM Yell said to himself: Gauge Liana never adventure in his whole life.

Now he opened he gate, there will be an ambush. If we enter the city, we fell right Into It. We’d better retreat quickly. Hence, all soldiers are back finally.