Energy Japan is now improving and upgrading their

     Energy in Japan                                                       In Japan there are many energy sources in the country, but there many energy that is not used in the country, so i will introduce the top 3 energy that japan is using now .Hydroelectric power in one of the top three used in Japan , in japan there are 70 dams total around the whole country, it can store lots of water in 70 dams, it produce 78.5 mtoe (million toe of oil equivalent) of energy.This energy in japan is good and is the longest running energy from 1900 to nowadays, people in the country could pay less because,the land is near the north pacific ocean surrounded by water, so that is why japan is keep on using this energy for decades and the government in japan also think is good to use it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of hydroelectric power in Japan The advantages of hydroelectric power in Japan is the convenient because the country is near the ocean and the government chose to use 70 dams to store and convert hydroelectric energy, and if it rains in Japan  the damsit could actually helps to control the rain by also use the rain to convert into energy, so if it is super heavy rain it could not be flooded easily. The disadvantage of  hydroelectric power is the installation fee is so expensive and there not to much land in the country because there are lots of cities in the country that are not enough space so this is a point that the government of japan can do to not install to many dams in JapanNuclear power is also a energy in the top 3 list, the first power plant station in Japan is built in mid 1966, now in  Japan there are 23 nuclear power station but just two nuclear still operation,in japan nuclear power generate and produce 4.35 thousand GWH (gigawatt hour) the government of japan wants to use nuclear power because they want to try to produce more to provide more energy for the country except using other energy, Japan is now improving and upgrading their nuclear power.Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power in japanThe advantage of nuclear power in japan is nuclear power can provide more energy t o people but there are still just two country in the country some are abandoned some of them is having maintenance. Disadvantage is Japan always have natural disaster that destroys factories,a terrible accident happen in 20ll that spread radiation through the city so is a bad thing of building a nuclear power plant in japan.

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Geothermal energy is also one of the energy in our top 3 but the last one in our list, geothermal energy in japan is world’s third largest storage in the world, there are 18 power plant in total around Japan, every year geothermal energy produce 533 (megawatt) , it can supply 2,569 electricity representing 0.25%of energy supply in japan.The advantages of geothermal energy is people no need to cost to much because there are geothermal energy in the country that the country does not need to give money to other country to get the resources. Disadvantage of geothermal power is just supply not much to the country it say it is the 3rd largest storage of geothermal energy in japan but it does not produce to much this is also a thing that japan could improve.In the overall information the most suitable energy is hydroelectric power, because the north pacific ocean, and there are 70 dams so it could convert easily, so it is very suitable for Japan.In conclusion, Japan is using its energy effectively that they supply a large amount of energy for its country, Japan could improve on its geothermal energy by supply or produce for their country, these are the top 3 energy Japan is using