Engineering inquisitives among my students. I always reflect

education in India must strive to achieve the joy of learning and the
confidence in a student to withstand the contemporary challenges the society
will throw on them after graduation in the same order of priority. Most
students who enrol into engineering education, especially in country like India
do not take it up as a choice but are compelled to be a part of it. The major
challenge for an engineering teacher is to brighten up these students with the
joy of learning. The competitiveness and its related attributes will
automatically fall in place and make them global leaders.

I work towards
this by making my content and delivery indulge the necessary inquisitives among
my students. I always reflect upon if my students left the class with a pride
of learning. The attachment one obtains to their courses will make them
comeback and practice tougher problems and help peers who lag. This will also
let them free from the classroom boundaries and give them space to spread the
learning across time and location thus making them life long learners with
varied transferable skills thus ensuring them to become leaders to reckon.

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My success
through my efforts is something that I do not take for granted even repeatedly
teaching the same course for umpteen years because each generation that goes
past brings in variety of changes in their learning styles and personality
traits thus pushing me harder to reinvent myself each time with innovative
strategies. In the current semester I am planning to enhance myself in areas
like gamification and project-based teaching both of which suit my ideology of
developing inquisitiveness while teaching. Gamification, with the current
availability of various e-learning and digital tools/software, has been a boon
and a challenge. Catering to the thoughts of full class of students brings up
various strategies to be implemented in a game which then becomes quite
difficult to build. Whilst technical difficulties being a major hurdle, the
amount of time to be spent on them is also equally daunting.

I take up specific
certification courses and attend conferences in the domain of gamification and
have been dedicating around 10 hours a week in learning the technology behind
the act. I see fruitful results when my class of students complete a task ahead
of their classwork and wait for me to give them more challenging assessments.
The flipped model of teaching especially demands more such gamified assessments
to ensure student participation prior to a class. The whole task of creating
gamified assessments is incomplete without good amount of feedback at every
wrong step taken by the student through the activity. This helps me prepare for
the class with a proactive questionnaire and its ready-made solutions.

My short-term
goal is to be a well-versed digital teacher equipped deftly in all tools
necessary to create an environment where students take up self/peer learning
themselves and come to the class with inquisitiveness leading to inquiry-based
learning. My long-term goal is to transform myself into a learning consultant
to be able to cater to millennial students with varied learning styles and