The Death of Innocence in Macbeth

 The death of innocence portrayed on Macbeth goes through Macbeth as a kind of mall theme.

The death of innocence brought Macbeth from a great warrior Into the opposition of humanity and the corruption of human soul. He became an actually tragic hero and went to madness and cruelty. Macbeth Is one of the representative examples who lost the Innocence as the story goes on and on. Macbeth is actually the collection of distractions.

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At the beginning, he was loyal to Scotland and was the superhuman warrior who defeated the enemy with Banquet. At that time, he was still innocent and had some virtue. After this scene, the witches appear and predict that Macbeth will be Thane of Glacis, Thane of Castor, and King hereafter. This caused Macbeth to shock and doubt about it. In addition to these feelings, he also showed fear to the prophecy because the prophecy invaded his private desire to power and exposed his hidden thoughts, which brought his hidden thoughts Into reality.HIS Innocence starts to lose more and more and the ambition brings him to madness. After this, he was still highly doubted of the prophecy, but Ross came and told him that he became the Thane of Castor, which made him somehow believed the trueness of this prophecy.

He sent a letter to his wife, Lady Macbeth about this and Macbeth suddenly realize that he has to perform unnatural act to acquire the power of king. The ambition and nature of evil seduces and attracts Macbeth into the loss of innocence and Macbeth starts to do some real things to let his desire become true.Although Macbeth had the clear knowledge that killing king is against social propriety and human behavior and felt that Duncan is a ally good king, Macbeth was still compelled by his wife and put himself on war with the morals and power. Finally facing the desire of crown, Macbeth chose to kill Duncan at night and he felt remorse which portrayed he still has the chance to go back to gain Innocence somehow. Surprisingly, Macbeth does nothing to right the wrong and does more things to cover his sins.His fear to the Justice compels him to the opposition of Innocence and murdering of Banquet and other people.

Murder becomes a powerful and useful way for Macbeth to change the prophecy and his destiny and the innocence does not exist anymore. In addition to Macbeth, Lady Macbeth represents the mirror of her husband, Macbeth and her desire to power brought both of them into the opposition of innocence. After she received the letter from Macbeth about the prophecy, the only thing she did do was to encourage his husband to let dream become true because of her own desire to be the Queen of Scotland.Lady Macbeth compelled and highly encouraged Macbeth to do a lot of stuff for the crown, which actually caused Macbeth to relieve from the struggle of morals and do them. Another example is that she encouraged Macbeth and blamed him as a coward because of his remorse. Lady Macbeth pushed Macbeth and herself to the opposition of Innocence and destroyed both of them.

According to Macbeth , the Innocence portrayed on the protagonist Including Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Just loses more and more and the nature of evil brought both of them Into tragic ending.The evil is incapable with humanity and the death of innocence would lead humanity. Part II ( B)the role of self-delusion and (C) the use of symbol in any three of the stories Symbolism According to six of the short stories, the author also used a lot of symbols as a literary device to accomplish what the author wanted. In The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, the symbols were used effectively to express what Shirley wanted to show to the readers. At the beginning, this story portrayed a peaceful and lovely beginning and a surprising and bloody ending.If the readers read it carefully, they could find some symbols that were used to represent some things meaningful. The names of the citizens in the town are interesting.

For example, the person called Mr. Summers who conducted the lottery is really interesting and summer indicates the end of life because Lottery is in June. Because there will be one person chose to die from this.

In addition, the name called Mr. Graves who is a helper of Mr. Summers represents the death and the graveyard. Besides, the black box that was used as a tool to put the slips of paper in is an important symbol to death.

As the black box becomes older, it also indicates that the foolishness of the town people to follow the Lottery and their culture far away from the modern morals and culture. In The Tell-Tale Heart by Edger Allen Poe, there are some symbols portrayed in this story. For example, because of the old mans evil eye so the storyteller chose to kill him.

In some sense, the evil eye might represent the rower or money. The evil eye might also represent the guardian of adults or some limitations that bother the storyteller. In A good man is hard to find by Flannels Conner, the symbols are used as an indication to some thing.In that story, Bailey wore a T-shirt with bright blue parrots that were used as a symbol. In addition to this, there is one sentence in this story that Woods gaped like a dark open mouth.

As we know, the whole family including Bailey, his wife, June Star, John Wesley and the little baby were all killed in the woods. The woods represent the approaching of death and he evilness of the Misfit. In these stories, the authors used a lot of symbols in order to portray the meaning and emphasize the meaning, which brought the readers into deeper understanding of these stories.The role of self-delusion According to these short stories, the self-delusion was portrayed throughout the whole plot and had a really effective influence on the protagonist who had it. In The Tell-Tale Heart by Edger Allen Poe, the storyteller thought himself was smarter than the other people. At the beginning, he kept saying how calmly and healthily he could tell the story. From how he told the story, the readers can find the proud from him and he thought he killed the old man with good precaution for the concealment of the body. He was so calm when the police came and he thought he did so well and hided everything perfectly.

Actually he failed to do this and confessed his sins to the police because of the beating of heart at the ending. In A good man is hard to find by Flannels Conner, the old woman of this family had really strong self-delusion. She thought that she is smarter than the other people and she played a lot of tricks in this story, which actually compels her to death.

At the beginning, she wanted to see the house, which seemed like in TN but in FL and she decided to see them, which brought the whole family into trouble to face the evil Misfit.In addition, in order to survive, she wanted to use Jesus to let the Misfit not kill her, which brought her into death. As Misfit said, She would been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot Revelation by Flannels O Conner, Turnip had a serious self-delusion and she thought she was superior to others.

She showed a great discrimination to the poor, the blacks and lower social level people. Although she pretended that she was so well and kind, he did not really want to do that and thought differently in her heart and she was just playing hypocrisy.Turnip also Judged others as god and she thought she is above all of the others. The appearance of Mary Grace really let Turnip devastate and collapse and she doubted herself if she is good enough and is not a hog for times after this. In these stories, the authors let the character have self-delusion to show some satire and significant meaning and the people who had self-delusion would not have a good ending as always because the self-delusion itself is a huge tragic flaw.

Part Ill (Poem A) Nothing gold can stay By Robert Frost In this poem the author used a lot of indication to represent a lot of other stuff meaningful.The author uses imagination to describe the color of nature and the growth of it in order to lead the readers into deeper understanding that nothing gold can stay. The author also uses specific details to portray the appearance of natures beauty and produces a really good atmosphere background. First sentence, the author mentioned Natures first green which reminds the readers of the spring and the newness of life. Then, he author said this precious gold is hard to hold and describe the early leaf as a flower which blossoms prettily but easy to fade and lose.So the author mentioned how short the flower blossoms only so an hour. After this, the author starts to touch in the leaf that becomes older and older.

The nature paradise starts to go to reduce and lose its beauty and the emotion from author himself comes out. The grief and sadness from the loss of gold color portrayed in this line and the sun rises down as the loss of gold. All the description above is in order to show the meaning of last entente that nothing can stay forever and everything had their gold color and then the color faded away.

The author tells us that we should show high precious to what we have now and do not feel remorse after that. This is similar to life and time. Every second is like the gold and it will not stay. We should not waste it and use it to let it worth it. This reminds me off poem that we discussed in class. The poet saw a beauty in woods and wanted to find her again, but he failed to do that anyway. Sometimes some beauty will only appear one time in lifetime like Nothing gold can stay and we should enjoy every moment we have now.