How to Save a Life

As human beings, we live In this world for a short period of time compared to the age of the earth. Anytime soon, we will have to leave this life.

So, leaving behind us unforgettable memories and good achievements will make us feel accomplished and fulfilled. “To save a person’s life is Like saving all Many people experience deadly conditions in their lives, but if they didn’t find the right and knowledgeable person to help them, they will lose their lives. These situations may be known to the person and sometimes they may be not.These conditions are known as seizures. They are dangerous and they can happen to anyone at any time and place.

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Encountering someone going through a seizure is a very frightening experience. They affect people in greatly at different ages. Yet, anyone can help a person going through a convulsive seizure. By following these processes and steps with the right emergency equipment, a person will be able to handle a seizure situation.

Seizures occur as a result off burst of electrical Impulses in the brain; these Impulses break their standard limits In the brain.They will communicate and spread with nearby areas by forming a strong, uncontrollable storm of electrical activity. After that, the electrical Impulses reach their way to the muscles resulting In twitching and causing convolutions. However, if these electoral impulses misfire, then a seizure will occur. Furthermore, according to the CDC over “two million people in the United States had faced seizures” (citation). First of all, when someone is experiencing a seizure, they will normally undergo involuntary changes in actions.If oh have never witnessed a seizure before, you might be anxious, scared, and shocked all at the same time. However, the most important thing to do is to stay calm.

Next, you will begin to scan around and see if the person facing the seizure is in a dangerous place. If so, remove all dangerous objects around the person. Then, try to relocate the person to a safer environment. Yet, It Is better to ask others for help repositioning the person to a harmless place and not to attempt to physically move the person having the seizure all alone.Remember, that moving the person having he seizure may be dangerous for you. So, it is always safer to be gentle. Then try to look for a bracelet or a tag that has contact information for the individual.

After that, assure the people witnessing around you that everything is under control. Once that is done, use the mobile phone or a watch to note the seizure’s time length. The main reason behind checking the time is to be aware if the person’s seizure is slowing down and if it lasts for more than five minutes. While doing that, it is mandatory to see if the person is breathing or not.If the individual is not gasping, you will quickly have to conduct the emergency department by calling 911. Some common symptoms a person might experience while having a seizure Include rigidity and arching of the back, the cease of breathing, the neck and face may become red, blue lips, a clenched Jaw, and Jerky movements, After setting the recorder for time, briefly search for a folded Jacket or a soft object to place It under the person’s head. This could prevent further injuries to the brain during the seizure. To make breathing easier for the buttons that may be tight.

The most important aspect while doing this is to try without holding down or blocking the person’s movements. Instead, slowly turn the body head and body on one side to help keep the breathing effective. It is important not to panic in this period since there may be fluids draining out of the person’s mouth.

Furthermore, do not place anything in the individual’s mouth. This may result in a bitten finger, a broken tooth, and choking. If the person has food in their mouth, then do not try to take it out because it may result in suffocating.Saliva may emerge t the mouth and may be bloodstained if the tongue or lips have been bitten.

It is a common belief fallacy that people may swallow their tongues during a seizure, but this is not true. The base of the tongue is rooted to the floor of the mouth, but their airways may be temporarily blocked by a wholly relaxed tongue. Finally, check the timer again. Seizures usually last for a very short period of time ranging from one to two minutes.

Stay with the person until the seizure ends and the person is completely awake. It is best not to offer water or food until the person is fully attentive.Then, ask the person if he or she has medications prescribed for them to be used after a seizure. If the person complains of minor pains such as muscle ache, headache, or bitten tongue, then call the emergency services immediately.

Note that it is normal for the person having a seizure let out a cry, loss of bladder or bowel control. Lastly, try to write down on a piece of paper the symptoms the person experienced during and after the seizure, then give it to the emergency services. About 22,000 to 42,000 deaths in the US each year occur from these seizure emergencies..