English is a universal language that is used as a mode of communication to bridge vocal differences between different sets of people. It is the most widely spoken language across the world, with majority of the people having at least the basic idea about the syntax. The language is used as the means of education in most countries of the world, owing to the importance it has globally and is a language that is stressed upon in curriculums to develop better speaking and writing skills in children from a very young age, for them to prosper and thrive in any part of the world, and may not face difficulties in communication.

English studies are a very vast and diverse field of study that incorporates various aspects such as English literature, English Linguistics and English sociolinguistics. Literature is one of the most captivating fields of study in which a student get to read and learn about the works of philosophers, poets, writers, novelists and many more from different regions of the globe, and is extremely rich in knowledge and provides a great insight to various cultures and traditions.

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Linguistics is pretty much the technical part of the English language that is taught to students so that they may understand the language better and comprehend the syntax and prose of the language in the right manner. This is the most widely taught part of the language, and starts at a very young age, continuing all the way to the very end of academic life, and it is here that the structures, grammar, context, semantics and e.tc are being taught.

The important question that arises here is about the use of the language and its in-depth study in practical life. English studies have a great deal of practical applications; in fact survival in the practical field is impossible without the knowledge of the language. The use of the language is essential is every aspect of life be it law, sciences, literature, journalism, writing, business, media or any profession one could think of.

The means of communication in all fields is English, and not having a firm command on the subject would result in major disappointment throughout life. One would be required to give a presentation in English language as part of job, prepare documents that require great skill and proficiency in the language, even the media requires a grip on English language for communication is not possible without it. A student must always remember that the English language is the way to success and having command on both speaking and writing skills is essential to move forward in life and to be successful.

English language course starts at a very young age and has the depth and diversity to go all the way to PhD levels. A Masters degree in English is the first step in embracing the language as a means of profession and it opens up wide possibilities. A higher degree would entail a person to get into a teaching profession, to get better command on the technicalities of the language and become an expert, to become an editor and professional adviser for various departments, and many other career openings. The language provides a vast spectrum once you embrace it as a profession.

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