*Henry David Thoreau: He’s the most important transcendentalist. One has to self-identify first.

-Style VS.. Philosophy Belief in the “Oversell” (shared metaphysical human connectedness) Some has to have spiritualism. (Focal point of human essence, Tuning in, tuning Into the oversell moment) Independent, eclectic = you have a better understand of others than others.

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Men Say They Know Many Things Men say they know many things; But LOL they have taken wings, ? The arts and sciences, And a thousand appliances; The wind that blowsIs all that any body knows. Saying and Knowing different Appliances = technology “Any’ “Body” = human experience, separation: different kinds of knowledge I Was Made Erect and Lone I was made erect and lone, And within me Is the bone; Still my vision will be clear, Still my life will not be drear, To the center all is near. Where I sit there is my throne. If age choose to sit apart, If age choose, give me the start, Take the sap and leave the heart. Born alone and dying alone Mortality Romantic Idea – own definition of yourselfShut Not Your Doors *Libraries: *”The words of my book nothing, the drift of it everything” – ? *Latencies: One’s Self I sing *This balance BTW individual and collective *Female & Male = Binary As Adam, Early in the Morning *”Touch me-touch the palm of your hand to my Body as I pass;”