Health Is Wealth

Health is a great blessing of Allah Almighty and is very precious. It is the ability of the human body to meet demands Imposed by the environment and dally life. It is an old saying that Health Is Wealth. But actually health Is for preferable to wealth. Much pleasure and happiness ; is possible having health but not wealth, but really bad health destroys all possibility of enjoying one’s wealth. Even then millions of people destroy their health in the pursuit of wealth and it is very strange.Health helps to develop a positive and dynamic attitude in life. Balanced diet, hygienic environment, arsenal dream lines and physical exercise are conducive to health.

As much of our happiness and success In life depends on our health. So it Is our duty to maintain It at all cost. Keeping oneself healthy and smart Is an art and this art demands balanced diet. Our bodies lose their vigor and vitality if they are not supplied with the proper amount and kind of food. Nowadays our, society is busy and on the go at all times.It is so much easier to stop and get fast food and then continue on. But studies have shown that those who eat hurriedly fall a victim to indigestion, raised cholesterol level and other disorders.

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Moreover smoking and use of drugs are likely to seriously damage one’s health, They affect Judgment and other reflexes. Regular exercise Is as Important as balanced nutrition. A person who exercises regularly enjoys good night sleep, a good appetite and a sense of well being throughout the day.Exercise keeps our spirits up whenever dealing with depression and allows us to have a relaxed life style.

Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise and can be included in everyday life swimming; cycling and skating are also very helpful. Lack of exercise results In flabby muscles and general physical weakness. It is an established fact that personal hygiene and health are inseparable.

Islam being the most selecting and natural religion lays great stress on cleanliness and In maintenance of healthy body.The Holy Prophet (BUY) says; “Cleanliness is half the faith” So it is our religious obligation to keep the environment hygienic to save all sorts of diseases. Neat and clean environment has. A cheerful effect. It Is a sure sign of collocation and guarantees healthy society. Proper sleep Is a key to maintain good health. It is an old saying; “Early to bed and early to rise Makes a man health wealthy and wise” Early rising is a good habit.

An early rises enjoys good and sound health and works carefully, steadily and thoroughly. Moreover, he is always happy, fresh and smart, whereas a late riser finds his works dull and dry and does unwillingly. The golden principal of “Early to bed and early to rise” Is especially necessary for young people who are still growing-late hours are bad for them. It is the human nature that he wants change. Sometimes staying at one place makes us weary and stale. It is a signal that we need a complete change in our environment.If we go to some other place at the hills or in the country side it does us a world of good-change in routine and fresh air are better than all the tonics In the world. Since health is so important to us, people are rearranging tenet Testicles Ana tenet powerless to gal.

or malting It Some endure great pain for health some sacrifice their wealth for it; some believe and act upon the strangest things in the hopes of obtaining it; some even kill themselves because they cannot get it. Finding death preferable to living without it. Such a coveted blessing must be maintained to enjoy life.