English lit

English Language In response to the Independent article titled “Ere, GIS a Job” I think that the head teacher produced the letter In order to try to get parents to teach their young children and correct their grammar whilst they are still able to absorb such dialect Instead of growing up thinking that slang words or shortened sayings are acceptable for example when they are going to interviews for jobs they may in fact be disadvantaged if they were to use sayings such as “l Dunn” instead of “l don’t know”.I think the head teacher is merely trying to point out that she believes they are not going to get far in life if they use such slang words instead of proper dialect when speaking to professional individuals, she is saying that slang to her is a bad thing and therefore believes that not using slang such as the above words, but by parents correcting them if they do use such words in their everyday life, would set a good example for their children’s dialect in their future.She Is also saying to the parents of he children In her school that she doesn’t Like how their children are speaking, the way In which they are pronouncing their words. I have a very biased view on the letter the head teacher has sent out to parents. I agree with some of what she is saying such as when she is saying about the children been more disadvantaged if they are not corrected on their word pronunciation, but that if they are taught the difference between what slang is to local dialect traditions and when to use and not use them it would be okay.

I think she could of worded it such better as to some parents it might seem as though she is questioning their parenting skills. Some of these I agree with, for example the dropping of ‘HTH’ In word like three and Your’ when It Is actually meant to be You’re’ However to ban the use of the word NOT, when It Is not a local dialect word but a Scots word used the country over Is Just plain wrong and showing Ignorance In the behalf of the school. With acts Like this then old languages and ancient languages will be killed of never to be seen or heard of again.There is nothing wrong with proper grammar and polite speaking and yes this should be taught in schools, but it should be taught as a subject in the same way that Math’s, History, Chemistry etc etc etc is taught and not forced upon people, such forced language will come across as false and fake. We should be proud of our language heritage rather than ashamed of it, we need to keep it alive, not kill of the little words that are left.

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We aunt English we’re Scottish.It’s not Just about slang and dialects but also the wrong use of tenses in grammar, as In “l was sat” instead of “l at” or “I was sitting” and “l was stood” rather than “l stood” or “l was standing. ” This is something that seems to have filtered down from the north and is now even used on TV by commentators, who should know better, and celebrities, who either don’t know better or Just don’t care.

It makes my hackles rise Instantly. I don’t remember this happening even a few years ago yet now it seems to have spread like a plague.Well done that teacher for trying to instill some good grammar into her pupils while they’re young and soaking up knowledge into those fresh little brains! I’m in favor of children getting the best education that they can. Allowing slang to be brought from home is unhelpful , to get a decent Job you need to present well, and this helps children distinguish between what is done Ian casual environment and what is done in formal situations such as in Job interviews.

This is not snobbery, it’s prevention of eventual inferiority complexes believe me all of this will go out of the window when these children move up to their local secondary school, so by all means try and make your changes but you are wasting your time. I would also like to point out that a lot of these slang terms are not native to Just Middlebrow not, zit and I Dunn, I have heard many times on the television.As for work and shirt being pronounced were and sheer, that is our accent and this headmistress is being quite ridiculous trying to change that. Many parts of the country have their own regional terms nobody would dream of changing those nor would they probably want to. I do agree though that dropping this is lazy but I think some of the points she makes are endemic of the whole country not Just Middlebrow.