English Play: Characters and Dialogues

Look! It’s Mum and Dad! They’re coming home! Mum: Hello, Larry! This Is your little sister, Betsy.

Lulu: Is she my little sister too? Dad: Yes, of course’ Lulu: Nanny, this is our little sisters Nanny: She’s lovely’ What’s her name? Larry: Betsy! Lulu: Chuckles, what’s this? Larry: Is it a little chimp? Nanny: No, it isn’t. It’s a teddy! Lulu: Look at our toys, Nanny! We have a lot of things to play with! Larry: They’re little Betty’s toys, now!She needs them more than we do. Nanny: What’s this? Is it a game? Lulu: It’s a tea set. Look! This is my train and that’s my elephant. Nanny: Whose Is this musical box? Larry: It’s mum’s. Listen! Oh, what’s wrong? Nanny: Let me see. Try again, Larry! Larry: Wow! You’re wonderful, Nanny! Thank you very much! We’re having a great time! MAYA Maya: Oh, yes, it’s great here! Nanny: What are you doing here, Maya? Maya: I’m making a sandcastle.

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Do you want to help me? Nanny: Yes, of course. But, what’s Pace doing? Larry: He’s playing a game with the clown!Nanny: Where’s Lulu? Maya: She’s painting her face over there! Larry: Look, Nanny! I’m driving a car! Nanny: Excellent! Lulu: Come here, everybody! Larry: You look so funny! Dad: What day is today, children? All: It’s Monday! Dad: What do we do on Mondays? All children: We sing and we play games! Dad: Lulu, what color do you want? Lulu: Blue: Dad: Now choose a card. Lulu: That one! Dad: What’s got two hands, a face and numbers? Lulu: Erm… A clock! Dad: Well done, Lulu! This present is for you! Lulu. Oh, thank you! Dad: Now, let’s sing and dance everybody!