English : Stolen art,poems,and destroyed landmark by the



Name : M.Fajri Davyza Chaniago

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Topic : Stolen art,poems,and
destroyed landmark by the Nazis


The Nazis become part of world
history. The Nazis made some problem during world war II, they made people and
another country worried because of them. They stole some arts from  another country and family. Many family  felt sad and worried at that time because
their painting arts was stolen by the Nazis. They don”t know what to do and
just let the Nazis to take their arts to safe their life. Beside that, the
Nazis also lokking for some poems for another country. At that time, poems
become one of the important things that the Nazis stole. The Nazis stole the
poems from the people and also stole the tremendous poem from the incredible
museum from another country.  Same as the
arts, the people just give their poems to safe their life and the museum around
the world just realize that their poems had been stolen by the Nazis. Arts and
poems become the major part of the Nazis to be stolen. But, there is another
thing beside that two things. The Nazis also tried to destroyed the landmark
from another country. People that lived in another country worried  because their landmark was destroyed by the
Nazis. At that time, the landmark from another got destroyed by the Nazis. It
was a hard time during world war II and also all the things that the Nazis did
become a huge problem around the country because everybody got the impact from
the Nazis. (The Nazis)


The Nazis called for aggressive
nationalism,militarism,and the expansion of Germany’s borders. Nazism placed
great restriction on personal freedom but permitted private ownership of
property that did not conflict with the interest of state. (Nazism). The nazi
also occupy the left side of political spectrum. The Nazis also made people
worried during world war II. The united states holocaust Memorial
Museum offers a breakdown of the numbers of people killed by the Nazis, utilizing a variety of different records, such
as census reports, captured German and Axis archives, and postwar
investigations, to compile these statistics,but remarking on the difficult task
of calculating the numbers of individuals who were killed as the result of Nazi policies since there is no single wartime
document created by Nazi officials that spells
out how many people were killed in the Holocaust or World War II. So many
people that died at that time, the estimed people that the nazi killed is
21,000,000. Nazi ideologies are incompatible
with liberty, Christianity, Western Civilization, and basic morality. Nazis seized control by deceit and violence. (
racists,Nazis, and communist).  The Nazis
have a lot connection around the world, they want to rise their power. And
then, the Nazis like did propaganda to made everything worse. They propanganda
some people during world war II,  and
because of that so many problem that happen around those people. The Nazis also
have a party the name is Nazi’s party. That party make to destroy everything
during world war II and make the condition become worse and make the Nazis got
advantages from that situation.


During world war II,
the Nazis also stolen some arts from and another country and from someone that
made the arts. Thousands  of artwork were
stolen from Germany by Russia. It is become part of the Nazis. And also the
Nazis had ransacked the museum and private collections of Europe and western
soviet union during worl war II. Beside that there are some picture taken by
red army from hungary and shored in disused church in south Moscow that the
most part that seized by the Nazis from Hungarian jews who were later murdered.
( in the cellars of the pushkin).  And also
the Nazis stole a popular artwork from france that may cost around
$16,000-$32,500. And then, during worl war II people around berlin got worried
and afraid because of the the Nazis that stole their artwork. The estimated of
the artwork that the Nazis stole in berlin is around 150,000. The Nazis stole
from the berlin’s central and regional library. (short takes). Beside the
artwork, the Nazis also stole a lot of poems. Poems at that time were make by a
children. And around a thousand poems that the children made were stolen by the
Nazis. The children at that time felt so sad and didn’t know what they want to
do. They just let the Nazis stole their poems to safe their life. The Nazis
destroyed everything about  the poems and
artwork. But, not only that things that the Nazis did, the Nazis also destroyed
the landmark. Many of landmark got destroyed by the Nazis. This become a huge
part during world war II. Beacause of the Nazis destroyed landmark, the
situation around another country become worse, and a lot of people got worried
about their condition and just tried to safe themselves.


World war II become
sad time for all the people amd all of the country. And also world war II
remind all of the people and al of the country about the Nazis movement. The
Nazis at that time controlled everything and made everything become worse. The
Nazis also give a big impact for the world. The Nazis give the impact related
about legal racism and also give impact about global leader in the future.
(what America thought the Nazis). And beside that the also give the huge impact
of Germany propanganda portraying Nazis and muslims. However, it already become
a good history to remember and because of that also made all of the people and
all of the country became stronger and made the world peaceful. All we can do
is keep our world more oh peace and always respect each others.