English Things Fall Apart

China Achebe uses many techniques in Things Fall Apart, such as foreshadowing. Awakening, who was murdered in the book, was referred as an “ill-fated boy” a few chapters before he died. This shows that Awakening was going to die, and it already makes the readers wonder what is going to happen to Shameful. Also, Breaks tells Awoken that when the missionaries come he should kill himself, and in the end of the book Awoken hangs himself.

Use of flashback is a huge technique used; in heaper 16, Breaks revealed a flashback of him finding out that Known was converted into Christianity. Another flashback in Chapter 9 is when Minima’s iii-away was discovered. Use of flashback reveals more information about specific situations and lets the reader know more. The author provides unity and cultural background on a typical Gobo family. The father is the provider for the family and the mother takes care of the children; they all have respect for each other and are all Joined together as a family.Awoken was a strong provider for his family; he is often referred to as a tragic hero. He is a strong fighter and warrior, but his fear of weakness destroys him.

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Throughout the book Achebe tells the story of Ginkgo’s tragedy and the tribe’s tragedy at the same time. It starts off with Awoken and the tribe being very strong and throughout the book they both Tall apart’. Achebe does not use a lot of character dialogue in the novel because It Is In the past tense. It also makes the novel move along a lot faster.